The Library In The Body Review

The Library In The Body

We’re going Unbound this week, as we go into a totally different and anarchic universe; luckily we’re not alone, as Bernice Summerfield, an archaeologist in space and arguably a version of River Song before River Song is also hurled into the unknown. Even though the universe has no rules, I do, so as normal, we’re starting with the first story in the box set, The Library In The Body.

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Baker’s End: The King of Cats Review

Baker's End
Tom Baker is dead!

Or so it would appear…
Today we will be reviewing the first episode of the new saga, Baker’s End, entitled The King of Cats. It’s without a doubt the strangest audio I’ve ever listened to, but for all the right reasons. An audio that touches on a sad topic of Tom Bakers death and transforms it into an unusual comedy that I never saw (or heard) coming. Continue reading