Game Theory Review

The new UNIT team are back for their sixth series of adventures! They’ve battled Autons, Tengobushi, Silence, Silurians, Daleks, ghosts, Sontarans and themselves, but now it’s time for them to go toe to toe with the Cybermen… and the War Master. Today, I’ll be reviewing the first story in Cyber-RealityGame Theory by Matt Fitton.

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Doctor Who Fans and Change- A Ramble

I really wish I didn’t have to write this article. Or, if I did write this article, it would have the same title yet be constructed and feature totally different aspects of the fandom. I’m aware this is an incredibly sensitive topic in the Doctor Who fandom at the moment; and what better way to come back after a few weeks off, than with my hot take?
This is what I think of the “controversy” surrounding Doctor Who lately, mainly regarding Doctor Who Magazine and the new Time Team.

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The Taste of Death Review

After the rather good release that was The Ninth Doctor Chronicles, Big Finish have released, somewhat unsurprisingly The Tenth Doctor Chronicles, four stories featuring the Tenth Doctor, played by Jake Dudman, and one of the Tenth Doctor’s companions. Today, I’ll be reviewing the first story in the set, The Taste of Death by Helen Goldwyn.

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