A Conversation With Tom Webster


Even if you’re unfamiliar with the name Tom Webster, you’ll probably know his work if you’re a fan of Big Finish. Tom is one of the most used and popular cover artists for Big Finish’s Doctor Who releases. A true tour-de-force, a gentleman, an improvisational comedian, and a Whovian, Tom Webster seems to constantly top himself with his designs. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask him some questions about Doctor Who, working for Big Finish, and Jon Pertwee’s facial expressions.

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Children Of Earth: Day One Review


Torchwood celebrates it’s tenth birthday on Saturday, the same day that the first two episodes of Class airs. Seen as Saturday and Sunday will most likely be devoted to Class, I want to use this week as chance to look back at one of Doctor Who’s greatest spin-offs. From Monday until Friday, I will be reviewing each episode of the mini-series Children of Earth, starting, of course, with Day One.

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Historical Figures The Doctor Should Meet

Seeing as Doctor Who’s main focus is time travel; it’s surprising after over 50 years of the show’s history the Doctor hasn’t met every historical figure going! There are still many iconic people throughout Earth’s history that Doctor hasn’t met on screen. Today will be looking at Top 10 historical figures the Doctor should meet through his travels next. Continue reading