Episode 9 & 10 Details Revealed!

The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

The BBC have just announced the titles and synopses for the final two episodes of Series 11, titled It Takes You Away and The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos. Read on to see the synopses for these two stories, as well as a promotional image for It Takes You Away.

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Episode 7 & 8 Details Revealed!

The BBC have just released the titles, synopses, and promo images for episodes 7 and 8 of Series 11, entitled Kerblam! and The Witchfinders. Read on to see the synopses and promo image for Kerblam! Continue reading

Who Is The Timeless Child?

During the final act of The Ghost Monument, there was an allusion to something coming in the Doctor’s future. A “Timeless Child” was mentioned by the cloth creatures, and they seemed to play on the fact that the Doctor didn’t know what was in store. Today, I’ll be breaking down who, or what, I think the Timeless Child may be…

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The Ghost Monument Review

The second episode of each new Doctor is always a bit of a struggle, and never normally their strongest; when you look at the likes of The End of The WorldNew EarthThe Beast Below, and Into The Dalek, none of them has really taken the shine as one of the best episodes of that Doctor’s era in many people’s opinions. You’ve had the enthralling and exciting highs of being introduced to a new Doctor, and the following episode, in my opinion, tends to be a bit of a lull, before kicking back into gear for the rest of the series. Will The Ghost Monument be able to buck that trend, or should it be like a ghost, and haunt us forevermore?

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