The Doctor Falls Initial Thoughts

So, here we are. The end of Series 10. That’s it. No more Saturday night Twelfth Doctor. The last time we’ll see Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor will be on a Monday. It’s a weird thought, but that’s Christmas for you. Bill is dead. Missy is dead. The Master is dead. The Twelfth Doctor is nearly dead. Nardole is seemingly trapped on a doomed ship. Moffat, you made it bleak.

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Anticipating The Doctor Falls

This is it. The end. The moment has been prepared for. We’ve seen the end. Twice. I think the latter end we saw at the beginning of last weeks World Enough and Time might well be the real end though. Bill is a Cyberman, John Simm’s Master has returned, Missy is seemingly siding with him, and for the Doctor, time is against him. This is stacking up to be a cracker of a finale. The question is, when will we know who the Thirteenth Doctor is what do I anticipate from The Doctor Falls?

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