Thirteen Years Ago

On Saturday 26th March 2005, an eight year old boy in Wakefield, West Yorkshire sat down in front of his TV to watch this new but old show on BBC One. Thirteen years later, on the 26th March 2018, a twenty-one year old man from Wakefield, West Yorkshire sat down in front of his laptop and wrote this article. This is a reflection of Series One of Doctor Who.

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Should The Rift Be Miffed?

TheRiftEleven years ago, Doctor Who was already back on our screens and it was quickly becoming a televisual phenomenon. It was in the third episode of the revival, The Unquiet Dead when the Ninth Doctor and his companion, Rose Tyler first visited Cardiff; albeit accidentally. We were then introduced to the Gelth, a gaseous being that had found its way to Victorian Cardiff through a rift in space and time. Throughout the first series, we visited Cardiff again in Boom Town as the TARDIS can use the energy from the rift as fuel. Since then though, we haven’t seen the Doctor refuel via the rift. I for one think that this is neglecting the power of the rift, hence why I’ve written this article…

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Entry #13- Boom Town

Boom Town

People absolutely adored Heaven Sent as it was a one hander, people claimed it to be an absolute innovation for the show; but when you think about it, there wasn’t that much fanfare when, back in 2005, Doctor Who did something similar in Boom Town, a story that essentially had a two hander for the latter half of the episode; based mainly around character development instead of explosions and impressive looking monsters. Welcome to our review of the somewhat under appreciated episode, Boom Town.

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