Summer Holiday!

Hey guys, Daniel here; sorry I’ve been quiet over the past week or so!
Basically, I have a super hectic few weeks lined up, I’m going to Disneyland for a few days, I’m going to be invited to something super secret, and then I’m going to be doing a theatre workshop for a week after that. It’s safe to say that the next month is going to be pretty non-stop for me, so I’m going to have to have a little break from the site.

That doesn’t mean that GallifreyArchive will be totally silent for this month though, I’ll still bring you Big Finish reviews as/when I can, and I definitely can assure you that any huge release like Classic Doctors, New Monsters Vol 2 or Torchwood: Aliens Among Us will definitely be covered.

Thank you for understanding, and I can’t wait to get back to full speed soon!

Thanks again,


How I’ll Be Covering Series 10

Series 10 is just around the corner; it’s almost close enough to see (largely thanks to the rather stellar effort of the marketing team this series) and I’m personally very excited. It’s been a hell of a long time since we’ve had a full series of Doctor Who, so I’ve had to think about how I’m going to be reviewing the episodes, especially since we have the upcoming series of Daniel’s Doctor Who Diary coming later this month.

I have however, thought about how I’m going to be covering Doctor Who things over the next twelve weeks. Of course, we will have Big Finish reviews of Doctor Who titles as they’re released, but as well as those, I’m going to be doing an Expectations article on a Friday, as well as an Initial Thoughts (not reviews) on Sunday’s after episodes have aired. This means that in the very far future, when the time comes to review Series 10 as part of Daniel’s Doctor Who Diary, it will be a fully fledged review.

I can’t wait to see you on Friday for The Pilot Expectations

2016 Schedule

With last nights news that we won’t be getting any more Doctor Who until Christmas Day this year, it has kind of thrown everyone who makes Who related content off axis slightly; this will be the longest gap we haven’t had any Doctor Who since the revival. So, last night and in the early hours of this morning, I came up with a plan which I hope I will be be able to stick to for as long as possible. So here it is:

Every Day we will have either an article based on speculation, news or rumours OR a feature article such as my Defending… series, my Companion Quest or The Ultimate Series.

Twice a week we will have reviews of TV episodes from the past 52 years, most likely on a Monday and a Thursday (but depending on my free time, it may change)

As regularly as possible we’ll have as many Big Finish reviews as possible, as I know how much you guys like them.

Every fortnight we will be bringing you the GallifreyArchive podcast! (Yes it’s back!)

Once a month I will be publishing some exciting original content that I will talk about in detail tomorrow…

Of course, when Class airs, I’ll also review that, but that seems to be a fairly long way off, so I won’t include that in my plan just yet. It may be a long year in terms of waiting, but hopefully here at GallifreyArchive, we’ll be able to make it bearable!

2015-The Year In Reviews

Time2015 is drawing to a close. Which is rather mental; where has this year gone? It’s still bizarre to think that this site hasn’t even been around a year, but what a great six months it has been. As a lover of lists, I’ve decided that I’m going to do a roundup of every review we’ve uploaded this year, from the highest rated to lowest rated.

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