Series 11 News & Interviews!

Here we go, the eleventh series of Doctor Who is closer than it’s ever been. We have a brand new image (clean and portrait versions available after the break), details on the first two episodes, The Woman Who Fell To Earth and the just announced title of the second episode, The Ghost Monument, as well as interviews with Jodie Whittaker, Chris Chibnall, and Bradley Walsh.
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The Legacy of Time Announced

Today Big Finish announced their biggest story to date, The Legacy of Time, a six part story to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Doctor Who on Big Finish! The six hour-long stories see characters from the entire history of Doctor Who crossing paths – some for the very first time – Classic and New Series Doctor Who will collide! Read on to learn more about this landmark event!

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GallifreyArchive On Patreon

Hey guys, just a quick update to let you know that I’ve decided to open a Patreon page. The reason behind it is that I love writing posts for you guys, but at the moment, I have to dedicate 80% of my life to working so I can earn money, which means the other 20% is left for sleeping, socialising, eating, and writing content for you guys.

I’m not going to stop writing for GallifreyArchive, nor will I force you to pay me to see my content, however, if you would be kind enough to donate any money you can, I’d be eternally grateful. The more I make each month, the less hours I have to do at work to live, the less hours I have to do at work, the more time I can spend writing articles and reviews for you guys.

Pledges start from as low as $1 a month, with the most generous offer I’m willing to accept being $25 from a single person. Each tier (and there’s a lot of them) has perks, like an exclusive article or think piece every month, to having birthday cards, to exclusive prints and shirts.

As I’ve said, if I don’t raise a lot of money, I’m not going to stop writing for GallifreyArchive, so please don’t feel pressured into supporting me, but any regular patronage would be truly appreciated.

(Also, if you read the perks, there’s a hint of something that’s yet to come…)

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David Bradley Returns As The First Doctor!

Yesterday, Big Finish announced two box sets featuring David Bradley as the First Doctor, alongside the cast of An Adventure In Space and Time. The first box set, scheduled to be released soon after this years Christmas special, Twice Upon A Time, features two stories, The Destination Wars by Matt Fitton and The Great White Hurricane by Guy Adams. Then, in July 2018, the second box set will be released, containing a further two stories, The Invention of Death by John Dorney and The Barbarians and The Samurai by Andrew Smith. Read on after the break for the full Press Release…

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Reacting To The Thirteenth Doctor!

Now, you probably know that tomorrow, after the Men’s Final at Wimbledon, we’re going to finally find out who’s going to take the keys to the TARDIS after Peter Capaldi hands them over on Christmas Day. I know what you’re thinking “Daniel, I’d love to know what you think straight away, as it happens!” and thanks to Tom Dix of EpicWho, you’ll be able to see my reaction live!

The link is at the bottom of this article, and as we don’t know the exact time of the announcement, be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter, as I’ll be posting updates throughout the day in the run up!

Coming Tomorrow- Daniel’s Doctor Who Diary!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be beginning my quest to review every remaining episode of Doctor Who ever; starting with the first episode of An Unearthly Child, all the way to the present day (where there are complete stories available). These will be published as regularly as possible on weekdays, except on days when a Big Finish review is published. This is to ensure that you guys get as much content as possible from me. Once I’ve finished reviewing a whole story, a separate article will be released combining each episode review, into being a fully fledged episode review which will be on the respective Doctor’s page. As someone who owns every episode on DVD or blu-ray, this is going to be a fun journey for me, especially considering I’ve not seen every Doctor Who story; and hopefully I’ll find some new favourites on the way.

If you’re wanting a schedule of how weeks go, this is the new format:

Monday-Thursday– Either a Big Finish review or an entry to Daniel’s Doctor Who Diary
Friday– A Big Finish review and/or Anticipating Series 10 episode
Sunday– Initial Thoughts of Series 10 episode