The Doctor’s Daughter Returns!

This morning, one of the worst kept Big Finish secrets was finally revealed, and we have information about the upcoming box set starting Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter from The Doctor’s Doctor (who coincidentally is the Fifth Doctor’s daughter, and gave the Tenth Doctor a daughter.)

The box set, due for release in June 2018, comprises of four adventures, Stolen Goods by Matt Fitton, Prisoner of The Ood by John Dorney, Neon Reign Christian Brassington, and Zero Space by Andrew Poynton.

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Jack & Ianto vs Jenny & Vastra

As part of WhoPride, myself and Tom of EpicWho battled it out to see who the best LGBT couple from Doctor Who was. Is it Jack and Ianto, or is it Vastra and Jenny? There’s only one way to find out…