Me & Who- Mental Health Day

Today is Mental Health Day, and I’ve decided to share my experience with Mental Health, and how Doctor Who played a part of the journey.

Warning: This article is incredibly personal, honest, and holds nothing back. If you’re only here for my witty reviews and would rather not read this, I advise you don’t read any further. 

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Why I Love Rufus Hound’s Monk

To date, we’ve had three stories from Big Finish where Rufus Hound plays the Time Lord known as the Meddling Monk, or just the Monk. We’ve had The Black HoleThe Blame Game and The Side of The Angels. In June, we’ll be getting a Fourth Doctor Short Trip entitled How To Win Planets And Influence People, which I can’t wait for. Why? Because we’re getting more of Hound’s Monk! I’ve reviewed two stories featuring this incarnation of the meddling Time Lord, and they’ve both received perfect scores (in fact The Side of The Angels scored better than perfect) but why is this? Today I’m going to be taking a deeper look into why I am in love with Rufus Hound’s portrayal of the Meddling Monk.

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How Should The Twelfth Doctor Regenerate?


With Peter Capaldi announcing that he’s going to regenerate on Christmas Day, a lot of people are speculating who is going to replace him as the Doctor. Today though, I don’t want to speculate on which actor should play the Thirteenth Doctor, but to speculate how or what will cause the Twelfth Doctor to regenerate. Here are a few ideas as to what should be the cause of the Twelfth Doctor’s demise…

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If I Turned Left (Part One)

Turn Left 3

We all make huge decisions in our lives. We all make decisions that may seem small at the time, but on reflection are huge. We all make decisions that will shape us, shape our destinies and can ultimately change the world. But what if we didn’t? What if, instead of making that decision, we changed it. What would happen then? Let’s go back to 26th March 2005 and change everything. Let’s see what would have happened if I hadn’t watched Doctor Who…

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You So Fine? A Missy Theory (Part One)


Series Eight brought some a whole heap of new things into Doctor Who. We had a new Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi, we had a new villain in the form of Missy, and we had a great series long arc as to who she is and what she’s doing with dead people. With the revelation that Missy is in fact the Master, I have to ask the question, is Missy a fraud?

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Should The Rift Be Miffed?

TheRiftEleven years ago, Doctor Who was already back on our screens and it was quickly becoming a televisual phenomenon. It was in the third episode of the revival, The Unquiet Dead when the Ninth Doctor and his companion, Rose Tyler first visited Cardiff; albeit accidentally. We were then introduced to the Gelth, a gaseous being that had found its way to Victorian Cardiff through a rift in space and time. Throughout the first series, we visited Cardiff again in Boom Town as the TARDIS can use the energy from the rift as fuel. Since then though, we haven’t seen the Doctor refuel via the rift. I for one think that this is neglecting the power of the rift, hence why I’ve written this article…

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