An Interview With Tom Dix- Part 2

In yesterdays instalment of the interview I’ve had with Tom Dix, we spoke about the birth of EpicWho, the marketing and The Fan Show. Today, we get more personal with what’s shocked Tom, his sexuality, and how he used to be socially outcast.

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An Interview With Tom Dix- Part 1

I first met Tom during the Doctor Who Festival in the London ExCel centre. Since then, our journeys have almost mirrored one another; his YouTube channel, EpicWho, has gained more and more interest, leading to him being involved in an episode of The Fan Show. He’s been recognised in the streets and in conventions. He’s a proper WhoTuber. We’ve collaborated on ideas before, such as WhoPride, which spawned the mini-documentary Coming Out Of The TARDIS. I sat down with Tom for a face to face interview, the first one of it’s kind on GallifreyArchive, to ask him about what it’s like being Tom Dix of EpicWho.

In the first part of the interview, we talk about meeting one another, the birth of EpicWho, Doctor Who marketing and The Fan Show.

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Reacting To The Thirteenth Doctor!

Now, you probably know that tomorrow, after the Men’s Final at Wimbledon, we’re going to finally find out who’s going to take the keys to the TARDIS after Peter Capaldi hands them over on Christmas Day. I know what you’re thinking “Daniel, I’d love to know what you think straight away, as it happens!” and thanks to Tom Dix of EpicWho, you’ll be able to see my reaction live!

The link is at the bottom of this article, and as we don’t know the exact time of the announcement, be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter, as I’ll be posting updates throughout the day in the run up!