The Daleks- Episode Two

Looking for Barbara, the Doctor, Ian and Susan discover that they have been exposed to lethal doses of radiation. The travellers are confronted by the city’s inhabitants – the Daleks!

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The Daleks- Episode One

The travellers venture out on to the surface of a new world. Everything is dead, but beyond a petrified jungle they see a huge metal city which the Doctor is determined to explore…

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Coming Tomorrow- Daniel’s Doctor Who Diary!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be beginning my quest to review every remaining episode of Doctor Who ever; starting with the first episode of An Unearthly Child, all the way to the present day (where there are complete stories available). These will be published as regularly as possible on weekdays, except on days when a Big Finish review is published. This is to ensure that you guys get as much content as possible from me. Once I’ve finished reviewing a whole story, a separate article will be released combining each episode review, into being a fully fledged episode review which will be on the respective Doctor’s page. As someone who owns every episode on DVD or blu-ray, this is going to be a fun journey for me, especially considering I’ve not seen every Doctor Who story; and hopefully I’ll find some new favourites on the way.

If you’re wanting a schedule of how weeks go, this is the new format:

Monday-Thursday– Either a Big Finish review or an entry to Daniel’s Doctor Who Diary
Friday– A Big Finish review and/or Anticipating Series 10 episode
Sunday– Initial Thoughts of Series 10 episode