Doctor Who Honest Trailers

Today, Screen Junkies released two Honest Trailers; one covering the Classic era, and one covering the modern era. There’s even mentions of Big Finish and K-9 & Company! Check them out below:


My Top 10 Classic Stories

When it comes to vast episodes of Doctor Who it’s very difficult to choose a favourite. In this article I will be narrowing down my personal Top 10 episodes from the classic era. Continue reading

Old Monsters, New Series


You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies. The Doctor has had many spanning over 50 years that have been loved and hated by many. Some have even been restored to life and shown again after years of no Doctor Who on our screens. Rubber monsters that scared the past generation have now been enhanced to scare people of the present day! But what past monsters should return? Continue reading

Is This The End of The Historical?

The AztecsBack when Doctor Who started, it was meant to be an educational show which would teach both history from the adventures where the Doctor and his companions went back in time, and would also teach science in the science fiction element of the show. Recently though, we’ve been seeing a decline in more historically accurate stories, so I’ll be asking the question; are we seeing the end of properly historical episodes?

Continue reading