The GallifreyArchive Book has officially been funded on Kickstarter!

The book is a compendium of reviews from the first 50 Big Finish Doctor Who Monthly Range stories; that’s everything from The Sirens of Time to Zagreus with anecdotes from people throughout the Whoniverse as to why they love Big Finish or a certain aspect of Big Finish.

The book will be available as a PDF, a paperback, and, exclusively to Kickstarter, as a hardback; I’ve trawled through dozens of book printers and bookbinders to find the highest quality book that will hopefully grace your bookshelves as soon as possible. If you’ve not been able to buy a copy in advance through Kickstarter, have no fear, as I intend to sell the book on iBooks and the Kindle Store, as well as a limited amount of paperbacks online.

If you’re wondering just how in depth the reviews in the book are going to get, I can tell you that the review of The Sirens of Time already being a whopping 4199 at the time of writing this. Yes, this is going to be a big book. (Just to give you some sense of scale, the average review of a Monthly Range release on the site is between 1200-1700 words.)

Book Cover
“What will it look like though?” I hear you ask, well it will look like this!
The cover has been designed by the brilliant Sam Bentley to whom I am forever indebted.

The GallifreyArchive Book will hopefully be sent to the printers by August and should hopefully be in your homes by early to mid September, if not before!

Be sure to check back on this page, as I’ll be updating it with news about how the book writing process is going as well as providing some fun snippets from the book if you’re lucky!