Series 11 Episode 3 Details Revealed

Today, Radio Times have announced the title, cast, and synopsis for the third episode of Series 11, titled Rosa. Read on for the synopsis and cast list.

The Doctor takes her companions on their first journey back in time – to the dangerous, racially segregated world of Alabama in the 1950s. They encounter one of the era’s heroes, black civil rights campaigner Rosa Parks, but also discover a plot to change the course of history. Vinette Robinson (Sherlock, The A Word) guest stars in an episode by acclaimed children’s author Malorie Blackman.

Rosa Parks- Vinette Robinson
Krasko- Joshua Bowman
James Blake-Trevor White
Mr Steele- Richard Lothian
Police officer-  Mason Gareth Marks
Raymond Parks- David Rubin
Martin Luther King Jr- Ray Sesay
Fred Gray- Aki Omoshaybi
Elias Griffin Jr- David Dukas
Arthur- Morgan Deare
Waitress- Jessica Claire Preddy


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