Blood of The Daleks- Part 2 Review

This year, before we get Series 11, I’m going back in time thanks to Big Finish, to review the Eighth Doctor Adventures, following the story of (unsurprisingly) the Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller.  Today, I’ll be reviewing Blood of The Daleks- Part 2 by Steve Lyons.

“The crashed ship. The one Tom Cardwell saw all those years ago. And you borrowed its technology, didn’t you? Maybe even found a Dalek or two in the wreckage. Dead, but intact. And you began to turn human beings into creatures like them. You did that? I’m right, arent I?”

Just before we get into this review, I highly recommend you read my review of Blood of The Daleks- Part 1 if you’ve not already, it’ll help fill you in with my thoughts on the first half of this tale. You read it? Awesome, let’s get going.

The Daleks are a teeny-tiny bit rubbish at the beginning of this second part of Blood of The Daleks; but it’s no wonder, really; when you think about it, these aren’t the most ‘pure’ Daleks to have graced the universe, so it makes sense that they’re not the deadliest. It’s lucky for the Doctor and Lucie though.

Even though the Daleks aren’t at their most powerful, they’re still able to be extremely intimidating and threatening. Even when they are saying the name “Eileen Klint”. The name Eileen has never been said in such a menacing manner.

I have to give Lucie props in this episode; she’s held captive by the Daleks and interrogated in front of everyone on Red Rocket Rising, and yet she doesn’t seem too phased. I know I’m nowhere near as confident or as brave as Lucie Bleeding Miller, but I would have probably needed a new pair of boxers if put in that situation.

It’s not too long before there’s a bit of internal skirmish within the Dalek community on Red Rocket Rising; something that’s akin to the internal battle in Evolution of The Daleks in Series 3. Only this time, it’s slightly different. The ‘pure’ Daleks aren’t too happy that there’s another strain claiming to also be the superior beings in the universe.

The Red Rocket Rising strain of Daleks get quite an emotional scene, and the juxtaposition of the iconic Dalek voices with dialogue filled with emotion and fear is rather jarring; and personally, I love it.

One of the many things I love about Big Finish stories, is that, even though there’s countless hours of content available; with more being produced seemingly every day, that no matter which story you choose to listen to, there’s always something surprising to be found. There’s an amazing curveball around halfway through this release, which I doubt anyone would guess before listening, especially considering the entire first part of Blood of The Daleks, as well as the first half of this part, is more or less dedicated to the Doctor wanting to stop the Daleks as he normally does. But wow, does it take the story in a new direction.

Considering that Lucie has been mainly portrayed thus far as a gobby teenager who has no real regard for anybody but herself and  anybody who’d be able to help her; but there’s a brilliantly performed scene where Lucie has to try and talk somebody out of a kamikaze mission. I shouldn’t be surprised that Lucie is acted well though, we all know that Sheridan Smith is brilliant.

The final act of Blood of The Daleks- Part 2 is a rather epic battle between the Daleks and the inhabitants of Red Rocket Rising; with the Doctor and Lucie agreeing to stay and help the fight. Even though Lucie wasn’t too keen initially, especially when she knew there’s a perfectly good TARDIS around the corner that would help them flee.

I’ll be honest, and I’m sure there’s a reason for why this wouldn’t work, but if the TARDIS is nearly infinite on this inside; why doesn’t the Doctor ever just get everyone to get in his TARDIS and fly away from the battle? Surely that would result in more lives saved. I suppose if he did it wouldn’t be a very engaging story. And the doors aren’t especially wide. There’d be a queue. Queue For Freedom: Coming to Big Finish 2019. (Not really.)

In a way, Blood of The Daleks as a whole is almost like a second chance for the Doctor. In his fourth incarnation, he had the chance to stop the Daleks from ever being created when he met with Davros, but he chose against it; now, in his eighth incarnation, he has the chance again. Kind of. Similar Daleks, different creator, same chance to stop it. There’s again the moral dilemma that the Fourth Doctor had, but this time, the Doctor has had four lifetimes to think about his previous decision. Weird, how after the Fourth and Eighth Doctor’s had the chance to stop the Daleks from being created, the Twelfth Doctor also had the chance to stop the Daleks creation when he saved the young Davros in The Magicians Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar two-parter. By that logic, the Sixteenth Doctor will probably get the chance to irradiate the Daleks before their creation too.

There’s a great little Easter Egg near the end of the story too, with the people of Red Rocket Rising being told that they may find salvation on a planet called Tel-. Of course, this is all rampant speculation, but could it be, that the planet is Telos? Could this be leading in to something else further down the line? Do we have a Bad Wolf on our hands? We’ll just have to wait and see…

At the end of the story, the Doctor and Lucie are seriously considering going there separate ways; as neither the Doctor or Lucie really wanted to be thrown together. However it seems that the Time Lords have plans for the Doctor and Lucie, as they wouldn’t allow his TARDIS to dematerialise without her.

Overall, Blood of The Daleks- Part 2 was a more than satisfactory second part to the Blood of The Daleks story, which mainly focussed on building Lucie’s character and developing her relationship (or lack thereof) with the Doctor. It’s really interesting to have a Doctor and companion who aren’t keen on one another, and have no choice but to travel together, and I can’t wait to hear more of the Doctor and Lucie’s travels.



Should you want to purchase Blood of The Daleks- Part 2, it’s currently available from Big Finish here for £8.99 for the download, or £10.99 for the CD.


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