54 Totally Real* Doctor Who Facts

To celebrate the 54th anniversary of Doctor Who today, I thought I’d give you 54 totally real* facts about Doctor Who that I can guarantee you won’t have read or seen anywhere before. Read on to find out a wealth of knowledge!

1) If you watched every episode of Doctor Who from An Unearthly Child to The Doctor Falls, it would actually take 49.3 days.

2) If you watched every episode of Doctor Who from The Doctor Falls to An Unearthly Child, it would take you 49.3 days, but you would be very confused about degeneration.

3) There will never be too many versions of Shada. Ever.

4) Tom Baker, the actor who played the Fourth Doctor, is actually an anagram of Maker Bot, which was due to be the villain that caused the Fourth Doctor’s regeneration, until a last minute script change made it so he just fell.

5) Christopher Eccleston, the Ninth Doctor, was never intended to become the Doctor at all. Originally, show runner Russell T Davies intended for the Ninth Doctor to be played by Christopher Biggins, but an error resulted in the wrong agent being contacted.

6) There’s actually an allusion to the ‘Bad Wolf’ phenomenon before the era of ‘New Who’ in the classic episode, The Enemy of The World.

7) As it is said in An Unearthly Child, Susan came up with the acronym TARDIS for the TARDIS. People sometimes wondered why every other Time Lord also refers to TARDIS’ as a TARDIS, and that’s because Susan is a time traveller. She came up with the acronym and then went back in time and helped design the original TARDIS. Bootstrap paradox, yo.

8) Fear Her is the most critically acclaimed episode of Series 2 according to IMDB.

9) Paul McGann originally wanted the Eighth Doctor to speak with a South African accent, just to prove to his brother that he could do it.

10) Eric Roberts doesn’t always dress for the occasion.

11) Matt Smith’s great great great great great grandfather actually invented the bow tie. He was called Maxamillian Smith.

12) Steven Moffat cameos briefly in The Day of The Doctor. They collected his dandruff and it was used as the stone dust that the Eleventh Doctor tasted.

13) If you were to write every word ever spoken in Doctor Who in alphabetical order, the mean word would be ‘No.’

14) If you were to write every word ever spoken in Doctor Who in alphabetical order, you would a tired wrist.

15) Donald Trump was offered a cameo role in The TV Movie, but politely declined.

16) The Cybermen were originally called the Cyberpeople, but the 1960’s were kinda sexist.

17) Jon Pertwee actually trained on Venus to master Venusian Akido.

18) The Five(ish) Doctors is actually a documentary. There’s no intentional humour whatsoever.

19) A commonly known fact in the lore of the show is that Time Lords have two hearts, but originally they were intended to have four. One for each dimension.

20) If you listened to every Big Finish release that is based in the Whoniverse, it would take longer than it would to watch every Doctor Who episode.

21) Originally, the second series of Class was designed to be an eight-episode run which each had a musical number which would be how the gang defeated the enemies.

22) Jodie Whittaker’s first words are confirmed to be “Bingle bangle” in a homage to the deleted scene from The Family of Blood.

23) The Master’s hypnotic ability is actually due to Missy clawing Davros’ eye out.

24) The word ‘exterminate’ has been said 783,918 times to date in the TV episodes.

25) K-9 was due to receive a love interest, a holographic budgie called Theresa.

26) The Fifth Doctor’s costume used so much celery that it actually led to a shortage of celery in London during his era, creating somewhat of a black market for the vegetable.

27) Tom Baker’s iconic scarf actually grew during his tenure of the show. The costume team would add an extra line of wool for every episode.

28) The TARDIS isn’t blue. It’s actually a colour that only Time Lords can see, but human eyes can only visualise it as blue due to the cones in our eyes.

29) The Eighth Doctor episode The TV Movie was originally called ‘The Move’, but they couldn’t get anyone to play it in theatres.

30) Before settling on the recorder, Patrick Troughton experimented with playing both the ukulele and the harp.

31) There’s going to be a line of Doctor Who deodorants in 2018.

32) Torchwood is actually an anagram of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

33) It was planned for Rani in The Sarah Jane Adventures to be revealed to actually be a Time Lord from the classic era… the Monk.

34) In 1998, there was a plan for a Doctor Who cartoon which would have been produced in America, and would eventually crossover with Ghostbusters.

35) Whilst we may never know the Doctor’s true first name, it’s canonically alluded to that their middle name is Toby.

36) Omega is due to return. One day.

37) Extremis basically proved that every episode beforehand was a simulation, meaning Peter Capaldi is both the Twelfth and the real First Doctor.

38) Tom Baker begged to be in The Five Doctors, but due to time constraints, he could only appear as the Raston Warrior.

39) Since 2007, if you played the iconic theme tune to Doctor Who backwards, you will hear John Barrowman singing the words ‘psychic paper’.

40) With Chris Chibnall at the helm, Series 12 of Doctor Who will have the Doctor visit the town of Broadchurch.

41) Every single attempt at a Doctor Who video game has been a success.

42) Clara Oswald got out of the Doctor’s time stream by magic.

43) Time Lords is an anagram of Old Timers.

44) Douglas Addams toyed with the idea of an LA Noire episode set on the back of an elephant.

45) The Daleks have been sponsored by the Exterminator Association of Britain since 1967; every time a Dalek proclaims the word, the EAoB give the BBC 25p.

46) Peter Capaldi named his electric guitar Bessie.

47)  Both Marvel and DC have enquired about having the Doctor join their superhero teams, the Avengers and the Justice League.

48) Big Finish have said that after 2020, they’ll stop producing Doctor Who related stories as they’ve “run out of stories to tell”.

49) Delta and The Bannerman won two Oscars.

50) The first episode of Doctor Who to be shown in Mexico was actually The War Games.

51) During the 80’s, there was a comic series planned in Doctor Who Magazine called Dogtor Who, which would be set in an alternate universe where the Time Lords are all canines, and K-9 was a robot human.

52) The Sonic Screwdriver was originally meant to be a Sonic Ruler.

53) John Travolta almost beat Eric Roberts for the role of the Master.

54) Don’t forget to click below to subscribe to the official Doctor Who YouTube channel.


*They’re not.


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