History Repeating Review

This release is something slightly different; according to Doctor Who Magazine, Time In Office is an anthology release, following the Fifth Doctor’s time in office as President of Gallifrey. Each of the fourth parts focusses on a different period in this point of the Doctor’s history, and today I’ll be reviewing the penultimate part, History Repeating.

The Doctor’s adventures in time and space are over. The Time Lords have recalled him to Gallifrey – but what he faces on his home planet is worse than any trial. Following the disappearance of President Borusa, the High Council condemned him to the highest office – and he can’t evade his responsibilities a nanosecond longer…
So all hail the Lord High President! All hail President Doctor!
Rassilon save him. This time, there’s really no escape.

The Doctor is truly engaged in his Presidency at the beginning of this episode. It’s unclear how much time has passed since Past Indiscretions, but if I had to hazard a guess, I’d say it’s been at least a month. The Doctor seems to be settling down. Honestly, the thought of such a thing worries me.

Tegan, on the other hand, is getting slightly bored. Whilst the Doctor is galavanting on Gallifrey, Tegan is kind of left behind. I have no clue where Leela is, but I’m sure she’ll be fine. It’s not too long before Tegan gets whisked away by a fellow Gallifreyan, and it seems she might be getting a bit of a reputation, and maybe even a bit of a flirtationship.

Even though the politics of Gallifrey is predominant in this story, it’s not really at the fore like the previous two releases, and personally, I think it’s quite refreshing in this box set, we’ve had laughs, we’ve had brilliance and now it’s time for some classic Doctor Who.

The main action and conclusion are really great to listen to, and considering in the last episode that Tegan had the limelight, this time it’s time for the Doctor to be brilliant at what he does best. I’m not going to tell you what it is, but when you listen to Time In Office (and you really should), you’ll know exactly what it is.

The final moments of History Repeating is genuinely the best cliffhanger in the story. Sometimes, you can’t see the wood for the trees, and as you’ll probably know, politics is a ruthless game…

Personally, I think that History Repeating is the most conventional Doctor Who story in this release so far; there’s an A and B plot, with the Doctor and his companion being split up and going on their own adventures. It really works in this story though, and the cliffhanger elevated my enjoyment of this part considerably. It’s going to be sad for Time In Office to end tomorrow. I don’t want it to go.



Should you want to purchase Time In Office, it’s currently available from Big Finish here for £14.99 on CD or £12.99 for a digital download for a limited time.


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