An Interview With Tom Dix- Part 2

In yesterdays instalment of the interview I’ve had with Tom Dix, we spoke about the birth of EpicWho, the marketing and The Fan Show. Today, we get more personal with what’s shocked Tom, his sexuality, and how he used to be socially outcast.

Have there been any videos on EpicWho that have ended up shocking you in either how it was received by the viewers or just the amount of  attention it got? 
One I was shocked by was my Charlie and Matteusz video, where I was kinda talking about why I love their characters. Say what you want about Class, say what you want about the actors or the characters, but for me it was a big thing. I just made that video on a whim, I just wanted to make a video about these characters because Class may not be received well, but I love these characters. I just wanted to make a video about them two, then all of a sudden it just blew up over night and people loved it.
At time of writing the video has 5746 views.
I think that’s one thing that I’ve noticed with my EpicWho videos, people enjoy the unique videos, not the Top 10s. People will watch Top 10s cos they always like knowing what my Top 10 Dalek armours are or which version of the Daleks are my favourite, you know what I mean? People enjoy that. But I think what’s best is when you’re honest, and you kinda talk about Doctor Who in an honest and real life way, which is why I think Coming Out of The TARDIS did really well.

We then kept talking on the theme of Coming Out Of The TARDIS and Tom’s coming out video, which has since been made private.
Do you think you would have come out in a similar way to what you did if it wasn’t for Doctor Who and EpicWho?
I have no idea.

Did you feel like you had to because you were this YouTube personality?
No, I thought- I saw this video from George Shelley that said “I’m this, but I’m also this, like it doesn’t really matter” and I thought like, I’m not big on YouTube, I don’t see myself like that but I had one comment on something saying you’re like, not like an icon but you’re a public figure of some sort, so I was kinda like “okay…” and I was going through this stage of being like “what am I?” and I was kinda like “I think I should make a video to address it” because that comment- I dunno, I just made the video because- it felt more me. Because I can speak better through a video, I’m awful with words. I don’t know how I passed English. But I’ve always thought that I speak better through filming something. So I feel like you can choose what people see and choose- it’s down to you what the emotion is, and I like that. But yeah, I think that’s why I did it through a video, not necessarily for the audience, but because I felt like I could make it personal and- I dunno, it’ll be more true than if I was just to say these words without a camera. I think that makes sense.

So how did you explain it to your family that you’re spending your free time talking to yourself?
I didn’t, I just did it, and at first- you know when you do something and you never want any of your friends or family to see it, I just want people that are on the internet, that I don’t know, to watch it and anyone like that? That’s how I’d say the first six months of EpicWho were. Just me kinda being a fan being like “this is for people on the internet, only for people on the internet, real life people can’t watch this because it’s embarrassing”. But then I kinda realised that that’s what I enjoy doing, so why can’t people see it? Then it kinda just hit me one day, going “I enjoy doing this, so other people probably enjoy doing this”, I’ve received good feedback so far by internet people and then real life people. I think it just slowly got to me that I was becoming more confident, like if you met me before I started EpicWho, oh my god I would cry in front of people, I couldn’t talk to people, I was so frightened to talk to people. In Year 5 there was a moment where I had to get in front of people and the moment I stood in front of my class, who I’d been with for five years by this point, and I just broke down in tears. I didn’t wanna speak or anything, and I just went into this mindset of “I can’t talk to you”. Since doing EpicWho, not only did I realise I like to talk to Doctor Who people because I want to talk about Doctor Who to people in 2013, it just made me more confident as a person.

Join us again tomorrow where we’ll start by talking about regrets…


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