Anticipating The Doctor Falls

This is it. The end. The moment has been prepared for. We’ve seen the end. Twice. I think the latter end we saw at the beginning of last weeks World Enough and Time might well be the real end though. Bill is a Cyberman, John Simm’s Master has returned, Missy is seemingly siding with him, and for the Doctor, time is against him. This is stacking up to be a cracker of a finale. The question is, when will we know who the Thirteenth Doctor is what do I anticipate from The Doctor Falls?

World Enough and Time exceeded my expectations, and from the look of the trailer for The Doctor Falls, I think that Steven Moffat might well be going out in a blaze of orange glory before he regenerates into Chris Chibnall next year. This article isn’t going to be like the others, mainly because I don’t feel like this episode is going to be like the others; so instead, I decided I’ll compile a list of things I want and a list of things I don’t want, then we’ll see on Saturday if my dreams have come true.



One thought on “Anticipating The Doctor Falls

  1. Your wants and not wants are pretty much describing what we all want, and don’t want. Very on point, and definitely like the chart in this article, you should do more charts keeps it interesting.


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