Anticipating World Enough And Time

Right then. One Doctor. Two Masters. Two episodes. One finale. Lets see what I anticipate from the eleventh episode of Series Ten, World Enough and Time.

Wait, haven’t I already talked about this before? River Song meets the Sixth Doctor, right? That is World Enough and Time, but not this World Enough and Time. Now, there are two World Enough and Time’s in Doctor Who. Plus the poem, World Enough and Time that probably inspired the two titles. Which is one title. World Enough and Time.

Anyway, moving swiftly on. John Simm is back as the Master! Alongside Missy! The two Masters! Wait… haven’t we had The Two Masters before? We have? On Big Finish? Again? Seriously Moffat, it’s like you’ve realised that Big Finish are the purveyors of fine audio drama a little late.

So, onto the TV episode known as World Enough and Time that’s featuring two Masters, but not the two Masters from the Big Finish story titled The Two Masters which featured Geoffrey Beevers and Alex Macqueen, but a different two Masters in the forms of Michelle Gomez and John Simm. So, World Enough and Time is reportedly very heavy on the (and don’t kill me for calling them this) Mondasian Cybermen. In fact, a lot of people are saying that this story is almost an origin for the Cybermen. Yet again, this seems familiar. Can someone check please? Have Big Finish done something similar like this before? What was that? There’s something called Spare Parts? What’s that about? Oh… an origin of the Cybermen. Well, great minds think alike, and usually at similar times. So when did Spare Parts come out? 2002? A whole fifteen years ago? Well that doesn’t matter I suppose, it’s not like people- they what? People consider Spare Parts to be one of the best Big Finish releases ever? Some would even go as far to say that it’s one of the best Doctor Who stories ever? Oh.

It seems that Steven Moffat has looked at Big Finish and thought, “Yeah, I can do that” and done that. Three of the main aspects of this episode, the title, the two Masters and the origin of the Cybermen, have all been done before with Big Finish. A lot of Big Finish purists are undoubtedly worried that, after Moffat made Big Finish officially canon in The Night of The Doctor, he seems to be undoing a lot of it. Unless the Twelfth Doctor acknowledges his Fifth incarnation sharing the adventure on another part of Mondas. Which I doubt.

So, if this episode is as good as Big Finish stories, we should be absolutely fine. We have a stellar cast, and like many, I agree it’s a shame we know about both Simm and the Mondasian Cybermen’s return. Can you imagine how epic it would have been if the BBC had managed to keep that a surprise for everyone? That’s what used to happen when the BBC made Doctor Who event television. Remember when the Tenth Doctor started to regenerate at the end of The Stolen Earth? How amazing was that? I remember being at school on the Monday afterwards, and that was the talk of the playground; what the hell was going to happen? Nowadays though, it seems as if our ever increasing time spent on the internet looking for spoilers, is well, spoiling us. That and the press can’t keep their damned mouths shut.

I know I’ve spent around 570 words essentially bashing World Enough And Time (the TV version, not the story from The Diary of River Song), but I am rather confident about this. More than anything, I think that a lot of people will see this two parter and the Christmas special as Moffat’s legacy. No pressure Moff, but you have got to end such a divisive run as showrunner on a high, otherwise people will forever have tarnished memories of the past seven years. I think he’ll do it though. I think that this might well be the episode that reminds you that this is the same writer that terrified us with the Empty Child, made us afraid to Blink and reminded us that books are bloody brilliant and that shadows are scary. I only hope that Moffat isn’t too self-indulgent, as that could well be his downfall this week. Only (World Enough and) time will tell…


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