We’ve Turned Two!

Today marks the second birthday of GallifreyArchive.com.

Two years of writing about Doctor Who, a show that has influenced me, enthralled me, mesmerised me. Made me laugh, made me cry, made me be the best version of myself I can be.

Over the past two years I’ve gained so many friends, and it would simply be impossible to thank each and every person who’s helped me along this journey. I know that the Doctor Who community online can be prickly, and it’s because each and every one of us are so passionate about this silly little show that’s captured our imaginations and our hearts.

Doctor Who has been with me since 2005, when a young, much more optimistic me sat down to watch Rose, and I’ve never missed an episode since. In the years that have followed, I got into the classic years of the show, and more recently into the brilliant world of Big Finish.

No matter how long you’ve been following the site, whether it be from the very cringey beginning (seriously, find it. It’s still here, and it’s awful) or if this is the first article you’ve read (sorry, it’s probably quite confusing), let me thank you. My stupid little site might not be the most popular Doctor Who website in the world, or the most professional; but to know that I can connect with fellow Whovians really makes my molecules tingle.

Now, you know how the Queen has her Honours List on one of her birthdays every year? Well, that’s what I’m going to do. These are by no means everyone that I appreciate, but these are Whovians who are doing awesome things that might be going under some people’s radar.

Sam Richard Bentley– A great artist, a great guy, and a great friend. You might not know this, but Sam created the GallifreyArchive logo, as well as loads of Doctor Who related digital artwork. Click his name to check out his site!

The Time Ladies– Doctor Who is kickass. Feminism is kickass. Looking at the women in Who is kickass. So when the brilliant Beth, Kezia, Em and Hattie got together and made this site, you know it’s one to watch.

Tom Dix/ EpicWho– Now, Tom is probably the most recognisable name in my Honours List, but he’s a real great guy. His content is superb, we partnered up in the conception of WhoPride, and any time I visit Cardiff, he’s always one of the highlights of being there (especially since the Doctor Who Experience won’t be there soon).

Guy Adams– The only “professional” person on the GallifreyArchive Honours List, Guy Adams is like a brilliantly sarcastic mentor. As an aspiring scriptwriter, having a person like Guy to look up to is a brilliant gift. He let’s me tear apart any qualm I may have with his releases, and he’ll always listen to me and my stupid ideas. If you want to work in the creative market, I sincerely suggest you get yourself a Guy. Just not my Guy. He’s mine.

BigFinish.com– Some of you might think this is an odd one. Why should I let a site be on my first ever Honours List? They’ve helped me immensely. I’d say that at least 70% of my readership found me either through a review quote on Big Finish’s website, or they found me looking for reviews. I was considering thanking certain members of Big Finish (bar Guy) but I decided that there’s been nobody in Big Finish that I’ve come across that hasn’t been more than helpful.

So there we are, the sites second birthday! Thank you for being here, and I’ll see you next year for our third!


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