The Pyramid At The End of The World Initial Thoughts

Ah, The Pyramid At The End of The World, with your long title and your place as the filling in the Monk trilogy sandwich. Just what did I think about you? Well, it was this…

It was alright.

Not my favourite episode, and the idea of the Monks needing to be invited to take over the world was okay, but I feel like we could have had the best half of this episode and cut down on some of the stuff in Extremis and had one hell of an episode.

The idea too that the Monks aren’t solely responsible for humanities downfall either, and that it’s in fact some biochemical disaster really resonated with me as well, mainly because if the world is going to end any time soon, it’s probably going to involve the biochemical world.

Other than that though, there’s not much I can really say that’s not already been said. Nardole fell flat for me this week, he didn’t seem to have much to do, and his button-microphone annoyed me and it just looked cheap.

Pearl Mackie on the other hand, gave a great performance as Bill this week, especially in the scene where she begged the Monks to give the Doctor his vision back; it might be my favourite Bill moment so far.

I’m also rather interested to see what the scene mentioning terrorism was, and where it fit in with the story, as I don’t know if it would have added any substance to the episode. Of course, I totally understand the BBC’s reasoning for editing it out after the awful attack in Manchester earlier this week, but curiosity has the better of me.

If there’s one aspect of the episode that really annoyed me, and now on rewatches of Extremis it annoys me too, is the Monks mouths don’t move with what they’re saying. I get that they’re not humans and they might not communicate the way we do, but why give them moveable mouths if it’s not going to look realistic? The Daleks, the Cybermen, the Hath, none of these use conventional mouths, but you know when they’re speaking. Do something different entirely or conform with how speech works. It’s going to annoy me in The Lie of The Land too, I can tell. Oh well.

That’s all I really have to say, it sadly feels like a filler between Extremis and The Lie of The Land at the minute; although after seeing every episode in the trilogy, my opinion may change. It wasn’t the worst episode of Doctor Who ever, but to me, it was just a lot of nothingness.

Let’s hope next week ends the trilogy on a high.

Initial Rating




Thanks to Stuart Manning for allowing me to use his poster at the top of this article; if you want to see more of Stuart’s amazing work, click here.


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