Anticipating Oxygen

Another week has been and gone since my last Anticipating article, and it seems as if we’re getting to the meat of Series 10 in Oxygen. What do I expect? Well, let me tell you…

Knock Knock last week was seen as being the traditional horror story of Series 10; and I agree with that. From what I’ve seen from promotional material, read in Doctor Who Magazine and read from pre-air reviews, it seems that Oxygen will be a sci-fi horror affair; which I love. I love sci-fi horror movies, like Alien; if you’re belief is being suspended due to the horror nature, why not place it in a more unnerving place than Earth right? Hopefully, Oxygen can pull off a great sci-fi horror in 45 minutes. The last time I think Doctor Who did it very well was in 42, god I was scared of the Doctor in that episode.

I also think that this episode is going to be the first time we really see the TARDIS trio in full force; we had a tiny slice of Nardole being a fully fledged companion in The Pilot, but since then we’ve only really seen him either scorning the Doctor or talking to himself or the vault. Now that Bill is well and truly established, I feel like we can get to know the dynamic between the Doctor, Bill and Nardole more.

Another thing I anticipate from Oxygen is kicking off the main story in Series 10 in a big way; I know that we’ve been introduced to the Vault arc since The Pilot, but I feel like now is when the series is really going to kick off, especially considering we have the loose three parter starting next week with Extremis. I personally think that Oxygen is going to be a transitional episode into that.

There’s also been a lot of talk about something huge happening to the Doctor in this episode; and I think I know what it could be, but for fear of spoiling anything for people who don’t like spoilers, I’m going to keep quiet on it. Just saying though, if what’s rumoured to be happening does happen, it’s going to be a defining action in Doctor Who history, and will hopefully show you just what Peter Capaldi is capable of.

Besides that, there’s not much else that I’m expecting from this episode to be honest, I’m going in fairly blind (which I love) so I’m not sure what to expect. I do think that it’s going to be good though, which is the main thing. There’s not been a single episode in Series 10 that I’ve been even mildly disappointed by; which is incredible, and I hope it lasts.

Sorry that this article isn’t as in depth as some of the others; truth be told I’m still recovering from the amazing time I had in Cardiff, but I promise that normal service will resume in the next article!


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