Anticipating Knock Knock

Bill has been introduced to the Doctor in The Pilot, she’s been to a planet in the future in Smile, and she’s been to the past in last weeks Thin Ice. Now, Bill might have to face her most dangerous challenge yet, finding decent student accommodation. What do I anticipate in Knock Knock? Let me tell you…

In the past few series’ it seems as if we’re owed a spooky house story in some form or another. In Series 8 we had Listen, in Series 7 we had Hide, in Series 6 we had Night Terrors and now it seems like Knock Knock will join the modern haunted house stories. Unlike Hide and Listen though, I think that Knock Knock will stay firmly on Earth, which to me, makes the threat much more intense as you can’t just be a TARDIS ride away from solving the issue.

Ever since David Suchet was announced as playing the Landlord, a lot of people (myself included for a while) wondered whether he’d be a new Time Lord, especially given Suchet’s stature as an actor. The closer we’ve got to release though, and from the promotional clips and images I’ve seen, I think that he isn’t a Time Lord. I think he might be in league with the woodlouse like creatures and the wooden lady, but I don’t think he has two hearts. If anything, I’m most excited for the Landlord though, as he seems like a truly creepy guy; to me, the best Doctor Who villains are always the humans who are so intent on their goal that nothing will stop them, and having a talent such as Suchet in the role, I’m sure he’ll be put to good use.

This might sound super vain of me, and I apologise if it does, but whilst Series 10 so far has felt like a jumping on point for a new audience, I think that Knock Knock is written with the generation of us who grew up with the revival. It’s about student housing. If you’re around my age (which most of you probably are), you’ll either be at university or coming up to that age. Most of us know how difficult it can be to find a decent student house. Whilst I don’t think the intention in this episode is to ‘make student accommodation scary’, I think it’s more likely to be a cheeky wink at us students. We know what’s really going on.

A part of me keeps wondering if this episode is going to be somewhat Doctor-lite, with the main focus being Bill and her new housemates. Personally, I’m all for this as it would give Bill more of a time to shine on her own and we can see how she is around her peers more. Plus, from what I’ve read in the latest DWM, it seems that the next four episodes are going to be very Doctor-heavy. Given the fact that Bill now roughly knows how the Doctor would act in certain scenarios, I think it’s the right time to let her be brilliant on her own, but we’ll have to wait and see.

In regards to Nardole and the Vault, I doubt we’re going to see much of either this week, unless the Landlord is somehow connected to the Vault, which I highly doubt. It seems as if Nardole is going to become a larger presence in next weeks episode, Oxygen, which I’m fine with, and unless he comes to buttle for Bill, I can’t help but think he’d be out of place.

I have to admit that I wasn’t too hyped for Thin Ice last week, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it; I’m not normally a fan of the period episodes, but it worked well. Personally, Knock Knock is shaping up to potentially be my favourite of the series so far, but I’ll tell you exactly what I thought in Sunday’s article.

What do you anticipate from Knock Knock? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @GallifreyRchive.


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