Anticipating Thin Ice

It’s time to take Bill to the past! After two enjoyable episodes, it’s time for Sarah Dollard, known by most for killing Clara properly (although Moffat undid that great scene) to take control of the Doctor and Bill’s destiny in Thin Ice, but what do I expect from the episode?

Face The Raven was one of my favourite episodes of Series 9, with Sarah Dollard coming into the show on a high; it’s no wonder that the BBC wanted her back to pen another episode. Personally, I think what’s going to be interesting is seeing how Dollard manages to write a script that I don’t expect will be as high stakes as her previous foray. Instead of having the task of killing off a companion, I feel as if we’re still getting to know more about Bill, especially her dynamic with the Doctor; we’ve seen Dollard write a story that’s an exit for a companion, and I feel that this episode will still be part of the welcoming.

I also have to admit that I kind of feel for Matt Smith with the premise of this episode, because he always said he wanted an episode based under water. Thin Ice looks as if, at least in part, it will be based under water. It seems that Capaldi is not only getting his wish of the Mondasian Cybermen, but also the wish of his predecessor.

If I’m being perfectly honest though, the aspect of Thin Ice that intrigues me most isn’t the monster, or how they’ll film the underwater sequences; instead it’s the supporting cast, especially compared to the sparse supporting cast we had in last weeks episode, Smile. From the promotional images that were released, it seems that Thin Ice will have many more characters in the episodes, from stallholders at the Frost Fair to whoever the posh guy is who the Doctor wallops in the trailer.

Another aspect I’m curious about is how much the elephant will feature. Using it as an amuse-bouche last week was a fun hark back to the Classic era, but I hope it doesn’t disappear straight away; although part of me wonders if the thin ice will be able to support an elephant. I can’t imagine the BBC letting an elephant drown on their most successful family show though.

There’s not too much else I’m expecting from this episode if I’m perfectly honest; I’m confident that Sarah Dollard will knock it out of the park once again, and I expect that us as an audience will grow to love Bill more too. I’ve heard that again we won’t get much Nardole, but I hope we get more than the fleeting appearance we got in Smile, because I’m strangely enjoying Nardole as a character.

What do you anticipate from Thin Ice? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @GallifreyRchive.


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