First Five Series 10 Titles Revealed?

You’ve probably all seen the latest teaser for Series 10 which aired yesterday, entitled A Time For Heroes, and if you’re like me, you probably paused the clip on that montage of smoke monsters to see what you could try and find out. Something I didn’t notice however was the titles on the spine of the books in the library. Luckily, the folks over at (where, coincidentally I had my first work talking about Doctor Who published) did their usual trailer breakdown and found what could quite easily be the titles of the first five episodes from Series 10. Spoilerphobes, don’t read ahead, but if you’re curious, read on after the break…

From this still, it appears that the first five episodes are entitled The PilotSmileThin IceKnock Knock and Oxygen.


Now of course, this is all speculation, but from what we know it would make sense. Here’s why:

The Pilot (previously thought to be called A Star In Her Eye) is a clever title, as it could be referring to the Doctor piloting the TARDIS for Bill, but a pilot episode is usually the first episode in a new series, seeing if the idea works. Having the new dynamic of the Twelfth Doctor, Bill and Nardole could arguably be described as a pilot episode.

We know that episode two involves the ’emoji robots’, so Smile would make sense.

Rumour is that an episode features a monster that is living under the frozen Thames, like we saw in the first trailer, so Thin Ice seems to fit.

Knock Knock could potentially be the story that involves David Suchet’s mysterious Landlord.

With Oxygen, I honestly have no idea, but it sounds like a cool title.

What do you think? Do you think that these are the first five titles? Let me know on Twitter @GallifreyRchive!


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