How Should The Twelfth Doctor Regenerate?


With Peter Capaldi announcing that he’s going to regenerate on Christmas Day, a lot of people are speculating who is going to replace him as the Doctor. Today though, I don’t want to speculate on which actor should play the Thirteenth Doctor, but to speculate how or what will cause the Twelfth Doctor to regenerate. Here are a few ideas as to what should be the cause of the Twelfth Doctor’s demise…

Of course, I just want to preface this article by saying all of this is purely speculation and I have no idea why the Twelfth Doctor will regenerate, this is purely speculation and fun. 


Now this might seem to be the obvious pick, especially with it being confirmed that Missy is going to appear in Series 10, but it’s been an age since the Master has been the cause of the Doctor regenerating, and especially considering we know the relationship and the dynamic of the Twelfth Doctor and Missy, it seems plausible that she might have something to do with it.
This is where I’m going to turn the idea on it’s head though, because I feel like Missy wouldn’t want to kill the Twelfth Doctor, she cares about him too much for that; what I think may happen is that Missy will get herself into an alliance with an adversary of the Doctor and be betrayed, meaning the Doctor has to sacrifice himself so he can save her life.

The Daleks

This, again, is an obvious one, but when you think about it, considering that the Daleks are the Doctor’s greatest enemy; they’ve never properly caused him to regenerate. (I’m not counting David Tennant into David Tennant because that wasn’t a full regeneration.) It’d be nice for the Daleks to get some gravitas again, instead of being an enemy you know is going to lose. People keep asking “How can you make the Daleks scary again?” and I think that the answer is simple. Kill the Doctor.

Mondasian Cybermen

Purely for Peter Capaldi’s sake, let’s let him have the Mondasian Cybermen that he’s been wanting for so long. Let’s go back to Mondas, and have his favourite villain kill him off. Gallifrey is back, so why not Mondas? It’d just be nice, don’t you think?


Some people might think I’ve put Nardole in as a jokey addition; but I seriously believe that there’s more to Nardole than meets the eye. We know that River trusted him in The Husbands of River Song, we know that he’s rather intelligent from The Return of Doctor Mysterio, we know he can fly the TARDIS, and we know he’s staying for most of Series 10. A lot of fans have asked why, myself included. Personally, I don’t think Steven Moffat would have brought him back for so long unless he had a plan, potentially including killing the Doctor?

The Monk

This is just for me really, because I really bloody love the Monk, and I’d love him back on TV. He’s only been in The Time Meddler, and The Daleks Master Plan, the latter of which has been lost, meaning we only have one televised serial we can still watch involving the Monk. Of course, Big Finish have recently brought him back, played brilliantly by Rufus Hound, and I think it’s a role that would so work in New-Who. (Think of the political jokes that could be made; “Were you behind the President’s victory?” “Oh yeah” “You went too far…”)


The Time Lords are back, so let’s bring back the grandaddy of them all, Omega. A truly formidable force, Omega could bring back the idea of a cataclysmic event without the entire universe being at stake. Again. Omega has a lot of reasons to be angry, and could be envious that the Doctor is being heralded as a hero of the Time War. Any showdown between two Time Lords has to be decent, as long as they don’t do a Rassilon in Hell Bent and just scarpers away.

So, those are my picks for the ways the Twelfth Doctor could regenerate, what do you think? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @GallifreyRchive!


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