In Memory Alone Review


It’s time to rejoin the UNIT gang with Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood in their third Big Finish box set outing, UNIT: Silenced. They’ve battled the Autons and Tengobushi, but how will they manage to defeat an enemy they don’t know they’re fighting? Today, I’ll be reviewing the final story in the box set, In Memory Alone.

When Sam Bishop and Osgood visit an orbiting space station for a routine mission, they have no idea that they are part of an alien scheme, years in the planning.
As the global situation spins out of control, Kate seeks help from an unlikely source.
The Silents are not done with humanity yet – and they will have their revenge.

Matt Fitton must have read the scripts for House of SilentsSquare One and Silent Majority and decided that having Sam and Osgood on Earth was just too traditional and ordinary. Let’s put them in space. So do that he did. Kate and Josh are on Earth, Osgood and Sam are in space, and all communications have broken down. It seems that Sam and Osgood are well and truly alone. Only with the silence of space…
(Honestly, the last half of that paragraph would be a great synopsis)

Whilst it may seem that Osgood and Sam’s space situation may be serious, Kate Stewart manages to keep her cool, or at least she gives the impression that she’s keeping her cool. I think we all need a Kate Stewart to be our boss, as she’s incredibly level headed and she cares deeply for all those under her rule. I love Kate.

Back in space, Osgood and Sam realise that they’re not alone on the UNIT space station; someone or something is on there with them. And the rest of the space station crew have been murdered. This is quite like Alien on audio. I love it.

One of the most interesting things that’s happened in this box set is that the Silence/ Silents used their influence to set UNIT on a seemingly wild goose chase and making everyone think that they mattered to defeat them, whilst one or two Silents were busy doing something much more cataclysmic. (Good word, cataclysmic.)

It seems that the Silents aren’t the only thing in space that Osgood and Sam need to worry about, as it seems that a spaceship is heading towards Earth too. Luckily it’s supposedly not hostile. But wouldn’t that be just too easy?

Personally, I hate reviewing the last story in a box set like this, not because I don’t enjoy the story, but because I don’t want to spoil anything too major if you haven’t had the time to listen to it yet. I will tell you though, that In Memory Alone is epic. I don’t use the word epic lightly.

Sadly though, I have to admit that this might be the weakest in the box set, as a lot of the plot development felt rushed and the ending seems awfully familiar. Which is a total shame as I love this box set, it’s easily my favourite UNIT box set to date. In Memory Alone had a lot to tie up, a lot to live up to and only an hour to do so in. I can’t help but feel you could do with an extra half an hour or an hour to really get the full payoff that I think Matt Fitton intended. I know I’ve been really brief with this review, but I made my case for why earlier.



Should you want to purchase UNIT: Silenced, it’s currently available from Big Finish here for £20 for a limited time for either the CD or digital download.


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