Historical Figures The Doctor Should Meet

Seeing as Doctor Who’s main focus is time travel; it’s surprising after over 50 years of the show’s history the Doctor hasn’t met every historical figure going! There are still many iconic people throughout Earth’s history that Doctor hasn’t met on screen. Today will be looking at Top 10 historical figures the Doctor should meet through his travels next.

10. Cleopatra– The infamous Queen of Egypt has never graced our screens. Cleopatra VII has only had small references throughout the show’s history including The Girl in the Fireplace and River Song imitating her in The Pandorica Opens. Cleo also married Julius Caesar which may also add another historical figure to the episode. It would be very exciting to see an Egypt between 69 BC and 30 BC setting and to see this iconic figure come to life.

9. Galileo– Most famous for his works in Astronomy, Galileo Galilei seems to be a perfect match for Doctor Who. Perhaps a story of a discovery Galileo found from looking into space in which the Doctor must use to help him on a certain adventure? It is known that Galileo was put on house arrested when he was unable to teach his theories due to religious beliefs at the time. He lived between 1564-1642.

8. Oliver Cromwell– Known as Lord Protector of England and leader of the English army. Cromwell stopped democracy and took of England for the army. He was hated by almost everyone which will make for a very interesting encounter with the Doctor.

7. Abraham Lincoln– It’s surprising that America’s most famous president and possibly most famous figure has only appeared in a small cameo in the First Doctor story: The Chase. Lincoln was one of the main figures to abolish slavery in the US. He was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre on April 14th 1865. This can make for a heart-breaking story as his death could be a fixed point in time the Doctor cannot change.

6. Albert Einstein– Yes, Einstein did feature in the mini-sode Death Is the Only Answer; however it personally didn’t do the most famous scientist justice. He also featured in The Time and the Rani but less said about that the better (apologises to fans of that episode). Science is very prominent in Doctor who so who better to feature in an episode?

5. Boudicca– Boudicca was a warrior queen who stood up to injustice and almost overthrew Rome’s power over England. She burnt three of the largest towns in England to the ground and lead an army under her rule for justice for her people. You would be mad not to want Boudicca in an episode.

4. Charles Darwin– One of the most popular figures in science who came up with the theory of Natural Selection. It would be interesting to see an episode based around theory of evolution and to have Darwin to feature in the episode.

3. Joan of Arc– Another warrior on this list is Joan of Arc who went from being a peasant girl to a knight and leader of the French army who drove the English out of France. She grew up during the 100 Year War and had visions to defeat the English and make the French prince the king in which she succeeded. I would love for this iconic figure to feature in an episode.

2. Leonardo Da Vinci– Possible the most famous inventor and artist to have ever have lived. He was years ahead of his time and paved the way for many future inventions. He has been mentioned in numerous stories and frequently in The City of Death in which he had to make various fakes of the Mona Lisa. It is inferred that the Doctor and Leonardo are friends which would be interesting to see in the series.

1. Henry VIII– You may have guess this one already as it is baffling for him not to have been the in an episode. Yes, he did feature in The Power of Three yet we hardly saw any of him (quite literally). He was possibly the most ruthless king to have ever ruled England and the history behind his reign is one of the most interesting in England’s history. I’m hoping he will feature in the show very soon and hopefully in Series 10!

And that brings us to an end to my Top 10 historical figures the Doctor should meet in the show. Many featured in this list have appeared in comics and audios but nothing compares to seeing the Doctor with these famous characters on screen. What past figure do you want the Doctor to meet next? Leave your comments below or tweet us @GallifreyRchive.


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