Class: Trailer Breakdown

Class - early release

After month’s of waiting, we finally have a full-length Class trailer! Today we will be breaking down the trailer and speculating what could happen in the series. Warning: this article may contain spoilers.


We first see a shot of the school corridors at night which we have seen in frequently in the promo clips. Could this be when the tears in time begin to emerge?


The trailer goes onto show a shadow moving across the walls. The tears in time and space could have released this and cause the creatures to invade. As said in the synopsis, Shadows are mentioned as a villain in the series. Could this be one of them?


Now we have a beautiful shot over Cardiff Shoreditch. I love how Urban it feels which you immediately feel it has a more mature and darker tone than Doctor Who. This is likely were one of the characters live.


We know get a shot of Coal Hill School now turned into an academy. This could only be the Sixth Form College or perhaps the school has been updated. This could mean the building we’ve seen in The Caretaker may not appear in Class.






We now see the characters on Charlie, Tanya, April, Ram and Miss Quill. Some scenes could perhaps be the first scene we see these characters in the first episode.


We then see Miss Quill in a Physics lesson which has been confirmed in the synopsis what type of teacher Quill is.


We now see April who says to either Tanya or Charlie, “What have you seen?”. It’s likely the four characters have had similar encounters with the monsters emerging and could be the first time they become familiar with each other.


An new character appears who seems to be scared of something in the school approaching him.


The character then is attacked by what is likely to be one of the aliens emerging. The show has a lot more violent death scenes so you can tell this will be a much darker show not suitable for younger viewers. You could also imply some students will die inside the school itself meaning not only the main cast are in danger but everyone.


We now have a shot of Ram with a tear down his face. Could he have witnessed the death of a previous character or another encounter? This could be from episode 2 The Couch with the Dragon Tattoo which says in the synopsis, “Ram isolates himself from the other three as he struggles with his new reality.” The man in the background could be a relative we may get to know in future episodes.


The trailer now cuts to a scene with Ram and Tanya talking. This could be how the characters meet and begin to talk about their strange encounters with aliens. Tanya asks Ram “Was it a Shadow?” This could be what the characters are encountering and may be the main villain of the series.


A villain emerges from Tanya’s wall. Could this mean the tears are following the characters? The monster looks very similar to a Pyrovile yet has some subtle differences. However, this could be an new monster we have never seen before.


The attack happens whilst Tanya is talking to Ram on webcam.


We see April on the floor perhaps suddenly confronted by Miss Quill and may have discovered something in the school. This could be set before Prom as the sign featured in the clip Patrick Ness Introduces Class is on the floor and looks like it’s still being made. Could something happen before Prom starts?:introduce-class


According to Miss Quill, “We’re in terrible danger.” Could something threaten the students when Prom starts and the creatures begin to emerge? Miss Quill seems to know a lot more about the tears in space and time. Could she be a time agent undercover? It’s still all speculation.


We’re now back in Tanya’s room and see a man acting very unusual. Could be possessed by a creature has a monster taken his form? Could this be a relative of Tanya?


We now see what appears to have similarity to the Time Vortex and a tear appearing. Could that be because of the Doctor travelling to Coal Hill causing these tears in space and time?


The tear opens in Coal Hill School. Inside looks like a volcanic planet that is coming through. Could this be where the Shadow is from?


April seems very aware of the tears as if she is connected to them. Patrick Ness has teased something bad happens to April. Could this also be connected?


We see Tanya fighting back from the monster.


We see a closer look of the monster. Could it be from that volcanic planet we keep seeing? It looks similar from a Pyrovile but has obvious differences so it is likely this is an original monster. What do you think?



A large shadow swarms the corridors. Could this be the Shadow Kin?


We now meet what is most likely to be a relative of Tanya. The scene adds a lot of humour to what seems to be a very dark series. Like with Doctor Who, Class looks like it will have a great range of tones.


It’s unclear were Ram and Tanya are but it seems like they are looking for the creature maybe outside the school. Perhaps when they talked about the Shadow they both saw; they may have decided to both go look for it. Ram is holding a weapon in his hand what looks like a sword or knife.


We now see April and Tanya on what looks to be the staircase first seen on one of the first promo pictures of the entire cast together.


The sword looks very alien and looks like it’s just been taken from the volcanic planet we keep seeing. Maybe it’s the weapon from one of the main villains?


April looks like she’s just found the sword. She could use it to her advantage to fight the creatures invading.


We now see April with two swords. They have some similarities to the sword in the previous shot.


This could be Charlie’s planet which we hear him say “Would you believe me if i said i was from another planet?” We could see how Charlie got to Earth or his origins. This could also be the volcanic planet we keep frequently seeing too. One of the descriptions released summing up the series included the quote “What if your planet was massacred and you were the sole survivor?” This could be Charlie’s planet but destroyed by the volcanic creatures.


The LGBT character is now confirmed to be Charlie!


Miss Quill, Charlie and another character (possibly Charlie’s boyfriend we saw in the previous shot) are running. Is the creature chasing them or must they get to a place quickly as a character is in danger?


April and Ram seems like they will be in an relationship in the series.


Miss Quill looks like she is dressed as a student. Is she undercover or will this be from the character’s past?


We see another character. Could he be a  teacher of the school who has just discovered the tears in space and time?


Ram looks like he is being attack by the volcanic creature we saw in the trailer earlier. Or could it be the skin-peeling dragon mentioned in Episode 2?


Yep, Ram and April are definitely in a relationship.


An incredible shot of the volcanic planet which looks amazing! A figure seems to be standing on one of the mountains.


April and Ram appear to be on the volcanic planet together. April looks like she is carrying the knives we saw previously in the trailer. Could the weapons have a great power and they have to return them to their origins. Could Ram and April be on the planet to defeat the monster we saw standing on the mountain?


Another shot confirming Ram and April are on the planet together.


Miss Quill and a character which appears to be another teacher running. Could this be at the start of the episode when the tears start to appear at night. Could both these characters be working together and are undercover in the school?


Ram in a cubicle in football clothes. This seems like this will appear in episode 2 as the synopsis says, “Following the tragic events at the Prom, a devastated Ram isolates himself from the other three as he struggles with his new reality. Desperate to hold himself together on the football pitch, when he thinks he witnesses someone getting skinned alive he’s convinced he’s cracking up.”


The man in Tanya’s room earlier in the trailer appears to have hit April. Perhaps both of the character’s confronted the man in Tanya’s house in hope to stop him.


This is a very ambiguous shot but shows Tanya distressed by something. Perhaps a death has happened in front of her? We really don’t know.


The volcanic creature appears to be coming after Miss Quill!


Charlie is shooting something which appears to be Miss Quills gun as seen in one of the promo images. One of the creatures may be attacking during Prom which Miss Quill was worried about earlier in the trailer.


The creature appears to be harming many students in the school. This seems very dark as many people will die in the series on screen.


A character in the school being attacked by a monster. This looks like it will be the skin-peeling dragon in episode 2 as said in the synopsis.



Ram attacking one of the volcanic creatures which appears to be in the school at night.


Tanya confronting the man in her room. She’s covered in strange roots which seem to be coming from the man. Perhaps he has been infected by a creature which is attacking Tanya?


A man running down the corridors at night. Could he being running from the shadow then swarmed down the corridors?


Miss Quill punching the monster in the face. What more could you want?


Miss Quill jumping out a window! This character is awesome already.


“Whoever you are, I am what waits for you! And I am war itself!” It’s likely Miss Quill know these monsters well and has a lot of knowledge about them. Could she be from another world like the Doctor? Or could she have known the Doctor in the past and she is someone he left behind?


Miss Quill punching someone else in the face!


Ram on what appears to be the volcanic planet. How did he get there? Is it possible character’s can walk through the tears and be transported to different places in space and time?



Another shot of the volcanic planet with the figure standing on the mountain and jumping towards us. This looks like the volcanic creature that attacked Tanya.


Ram covered in blood and scarred. Could this be after the attack with the creature? is Ram confronting the Doctor about the monsters that are attacking the school?


A shot of April. Could she have just escaped the volcanic planet?


It’s the Doctor! This is likely to be in the first episode of Class. It appears that this is happening during prom and the creature has attacked. Ram is covered in blood which is not a common sight you see in Doctor Who. The Doctor could be pointing his screwdriver at the creature.


At the end of the trailer, Ram has a clean shirt. Could this be set before the attack in which the Doctor gives the students the responsibility to deal with the tears in space and time?

And that brings us to a end of our trailer breakdown in Class. Did you spot something in the trailer we didn’t? Leave your comments below or tweet us at @GallifreyRchive.


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