New Class News!

I can’t believe it! We finally have Class news! A promo picture and a new logo for the Doctor Who spin-off has been released along with the announcement of two books based on the new series! Class is slowly turning into a reality as we learn more about this new show in October. Class is coming…

Let’s start with the new promo picture. First seen in Empire Magazine, the picture shows Sophie Hopkins and Katherine Kelly in a school hallway as Hopkins character points a gun. Its unsure who she is threatening. Could it be an alien or a main character? As it said in the synopsis:

“All the time travelling over the years has caused the very walls of space and time to become thin. There’s something pressing in on the other side, something waiting for its chance to kill everyone and everything, to bring us all into Shadow.”

From first seeing the promo I started to get more excited for Class. Just from the picture you could tell it was going to have a much darker tone than Doctor Who which I’m really anticipating for in the show.

Not only have we been given a picture; we also have a new logo! The design is rather simple yet has this Star Trek vibe to it. Now having the it feels now Class is more part of the Whoniverse. I’m looking forward to seeing the title sequence after seeing the logo and the theme tune!

This news really surprised me as it turns out we will be getting two new books based on the series. The first book is called “What She Will Do Next Will Astound You” written by James Goss. The writer has written other Doctor Who books including: City of Death novelisation, Dead Winter, The Blood Cell, Summer Falls and Torchwood books. He’s also written many audio dramas and Big Finish! His Big Finish audios include: Mask of Tragedy, Bernice Summerfield, Counter Measures, Gallifrey, Iris Wildthyme, Torchwood, The Tenth Doctor Adventures, The Diary of River Song and Classic Doctors, New Monsters.

On the cover of What She Will Do Next Will Astound You seems like an alien planet. Does this infer the characters of class will travel to other worlds? The book cover also shows a large scar across the sky. Could this be implied to how the walls of space and time are becoming thin? Could the Shadow be affecting more parts of the universe?

The second book is called Joyride written by Guy Adams. Adams has also written for Big Finish including: Torchwood, All-Consuming Fire, Iris Wildthyme and Bernice Summefield. He has also written for novels like The Legends of River Song and Torchwood novels. Both these writers have contributed to many similar novels and books. It’s great to see the amazing writers from Big Finish writing books for the new spin-off.

The cover of the second book also shows the same glowing scar across the sky. Instead of seeing an alien planet we see a more mundane Earth setting. Could aliens be invading the Earth? It reminds me a lot of the cracks in time which featured heavily in Matt Smith’s tenure on the show. Will this previous story arc contribute to this new series?

So that’s all for Class news so far. The new spin-off will air on BBC Three next month in October. What’s your thoughts on this new Class news? Leave your comments below or tweet us @GallifreyRchive.


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