What To Look Forward To For Series 10 (so far)

Series 10 seems like years away but there is always something to look forward to for the months to come. Today we will be looking at what we most anticipate for Steven Moffat’s last season and what we have to look forward to for 2017.

A New Companion– This is probably the main reason we anticipate Series 10. We haven’t had a someone new by the Doctor’s side since 2013; making it 4 years in 2017. We have never seen the 12th Doctor with a new companion before so it will be interesting to see a new dynamic between them. We will also see Bill react to the universe before her eyes which is always enjoyable to watch. We could possibly get more character development and learn more about her backstory making her an interesting and lovable character if she is written well. Many have compared her character to Donna from what we’ve seen from her in Friend from the Future. If we can get a dynamic just as lovable as Ten and Donna I think Series 10 is destined to be incredible.

The Writers’– Sarah Dollard will be returning this year who wrote the fan favourite Face the Raven last year. I’m so glad for her return as I found her episode to really stand out amongst the rest as it felt very interesting and unique which just what the show needs. I can’t wait to see what she will do with a new companion and the 12th Doctor together. We also have a brand new writer Mike Bartlett known for his work on Doctor Foster. Additionally, this is head writer Steven Moffat’s last season so hopefully we will give the best he has to offer next year and go out on a bang.

The Last Story Arc– Like I said, this is Moffat’s last season so he must what his final season to have a terrific story arc to end on. It’s known that Moffat likes to have story arcs over many seasons which I’ve never been very keen on as they get too complicated. However, as Moffat isn’t returning, this story arc can be a lot simpler and something amazing to finish his era off.

The Guest Stars– It’s recently been announced that David Suchet will be playing the part of The Landlord. Suchet is a very popular actor as for his role in Agatha Christie’s Poirot. It’s unsure who exactly his character is. Could he be a new villain? Who knows. Matt Lucas will also be joining the cast. Although a controversial choice; hopefully he will bring some fun back into the show and perhaps add more to his character. Nardole and the 12th Doctor could work very well together but we will just have to wait and see.

The New Sonic– Yes this may not be as exciting as all the other points but we’ve hardly seen this new sonic on screen besides the end of Hell Bent and a small cameo in The Husbands of River Song. Mainly I’m glad the Sonic Shades have gone (hopefully) and we get to see this new sonic in action.

Missy– Of course for Moffat’s last season it’s not a surprise that the Doctor’s arc nemesis would make her return. I love Michelle Gomez version of the Master and is one of my favourite incarnation (besides the unnecessary flirty side to her when we first saw her). It’s unsure this will be the last time we will see Moffat’s version of the Master but all the same it will be fantastic to see her with the 12th Doctor again. She was fantastic in the Series 9 opener and I’m looking forward to see her back. Plus, we will see her reaction to Bill!

Steven Moffat’s Finale Episode– Not only is Moffat making his final ever series, he will be writing his final ever finale episode for the show . We know Moffat is capable of writing incredible stories so hopefully this episode will be one of his greats. I hope his last will be a unique episode we have never really seen before. I would prefer we didn’t look back on Moffat’s era of the show but look to the future for Chibnall’s takeover. This episode will mark an end of an era!

So that’s is what to look forward to for 2017! What are you looking forward to for Series 10? Leave your comments below or tweet us at @GallifreyRchive.


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