Filming So Far: Episodes 1-3

Filming for Series 10 started many weeks back. If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest set reports; this article will speculate certain sightings and will get you back on track with he latest news on set for episodes 1 to 3 (warning this may contain spoilers).

Episode 1

This is the episode when we first meet Bill! Or is it? We see Bill walking through know carrying what looks to be Christmas wrapping paper through the snow. I think this is most likely to show up at the end of this years Christmas special to get us anticipated for the season ahead. Not only that, Cardiff University is being used as a location to be Bristol University. This suggests Bill could be a student there which seems very likely.

We see Bill is seen walking with her friend who is played by Stephanie Hyam known for her roles in Jekyll & Hyde, Peaky Blinders, Murdered by My Boyfriend and Sherlock. It seems she will possibly play her university friend.

Not only is Stephanie Hyam featuring in this episode; Matt Lucas from The Husbands of River Song as Nardole will also be returning. The return of this character has been given quite a lot of controversy in the fandom as it seems he is an usual choice for a character to return. I’m not sure what to make of his character or what more he will bring to the show but I am hoping his appearance will get a positive reaction from Whovians.

This may be a big spoiler or it might mean nothing as we are unsure from the footage. If you’re a spoilerphobe I recommend you skip this paragraph now. From footage we see a girl dripping with water in some kind of trance. This has caused fans to skip to conclusions that the infamous Flood may make a return. I have a mixed feeling towards this. The Flood are one of my favourite villains to ever feature in the show and The Waters of Mars is a flawless episodes. However I feel the Flood should remain in that one episode as they seem to special to expand into other episodes. But if this episode can pull it off can measure up to The Waters of Mars then I’m looking forward to the possibility of their return.

We also see Bill running to the TARDIS and standing on the door step of the with the Doctor. I’m most looking forward to the companion shocked about the box being “bigger on the inside” and circling around the TARDIS puzzled. As always the first episode of the series is written by Steven Moffat and will be his last opener.

Episode 2

This episode is written by former writer Frank Cottrell-Boyce know for his Series 8 episode In the Forest of the Night that didn’t get a positive reaction from fans. This writer may have had a rough start but this is the opportunity to prove to fans his worth.

In this episode the crew travelled to Valencia Spain. This is probably Bill’s first adventure in the TARDIS so it’s unknown if she chose the Past, Present or Future as her destination. The location Pearl Mackie and Peter Capaldi filmed at was the City of Arts and Science Museum. Within the museum is a small robot so its likely this is either set in the present or future. The cast have also been sighted filming in a cornfield

That’s all for locations but actor Ralf Little will feature in episode 2 known for his role in the much loved sitcom The Royle Family.

Episode 3

This episode is set in the past which seems to be Georgian or Victorian era. Personally I’ve been finding the Victoria era rather repetitive. The Snowmen, The Crimson Horror, Deep Breath and now possibly this episode seems like the show isn’t taking the opportunity to explore new eras of history. However, if this episode is set in Georgian times hopefully they can distinguish the two eras and make it a unique story. Plus, this story is written by Sarah Dollard who wrote the excellent Series 9 episode Face the Raven. I am really looking forward to her writing for the show again.

A very familiar location turns up in this episode which was the house used most recognisably in Blink. The Field’s House in Newport looks like it will be standing for Bill’s student house which shes shares. This can be heard in filming footage.

David Suchet has been confirmed to be being playing a character called The Landlord. Is it just me or did you automatically think Time Lord? Whoever he is he could likely be the Landlord of Bill’s house. David Suchet is most known for his popular role as Agatha Christie’s Poirot . I just hope this actor’s role isn’t wasted as this happens quite frequently in the show as some actors don’t get enough screen time or have smaller roles than they deserve. Overall I’m looking forward to what character he will play.

So that’s all for locations on episodes 1-3. You can find footage of Series 10 on YouTube or using the #dwsr tag on Twitter. If you don’t want anything of the series to be spoilt I recommend you avoid searching. But seeing as you’ve just read this article, I’m guessing your like me and can’t cope with the lack of Doctor Who and are desperate for any information on Doctor Who you can find.

Are you looking forward to Series 10 from what we know so far? Leave your comments below or tweet us at @GallifreyRchive your thoughts.



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