My Top 10 NuWho Episodes

Now I’ve decided my Top 10 classic episodes of Doctor Who; It’s time for my Top 10 NuWho episodes.

10) Vincent and the Doctor– This one is a real tear-jerking. I mean you must be a Cyberman if you didn’t cry at that beautiful ending scene. What I love about this episode is it doesn’t focus on the monster as much but on the topic of depression. For a family show its quite a deep subject to go into. This episode is so stunning and clever. To have a monster that you cannot see is a metaphor of depression itself. No matter how much the Doctor can battle monsters there are some people he just cannot save yet can give them hope is so beautiful and heart-breaking.

9) The Girl in the Fireplace– Now I hate love stories in Doctor Who in any type of media. But what I love about this story of how clever and unique it was. The setting of Paris is truly amazing along with idea of the fireplace being attached to the spaceship. The Clockwork Droids are truly terrifying and will always stick in my childhood memory. The music is absolutely gorgeous for this episode and is also another heart-breaking episode.

8) The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Timelords– I’ve heard people have mixed thoughts on this story but I can’t help but adore it. This is one of the stories I remember very clearly watching. I can’t help but love John Simm’s first episode as the Master. His dark humour makes his Master so lovable that at some points your more rooting for the Master rather than the Doctor. The build up to the Vote Saxon story arc was delivered perfectly and also gave us a pretty dark apocalyptic finale that also showed how strong and independent Martha Jones was. It was also amazing to learn more about Gallifrey and the Doctor and the Master’s past which really intrigued me as a child.

7) Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways– Possibly the darkest Dalek story to date. I love the idea of The Doctor, Rose and Jack being trapped in game shows which is such a fun watch at first which suddenly turns upside down. The Daleks are ruthless in this episode and their insanity from the Time War makes them the Doctor’s ultimate enemy. The story has so much death that does the Daleks justice. The Bad Wolf story arc was completed perfectly and made a terrific end for the first and fantastic series.

6) Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead– Personally I’m not a big fan of River Song. However, when I was introduced to her in this episode I really adored her character. She was built up to be such a mysterious character so important to the Doctor’s life which I couldn’t wait learn more about. The story itself has a brilliant concept and incredible villains. The setting is also unique and has a great plot twist. River’s death is always an upsetting watch and the monologue at the end is one of my greatest Doctor Who moments of all time.

5) Blink– In all of NuWho no episode stands out the most to the general audience or fans than this episode. Blink is the story that traumatised me as a child. The concept is utterly genius and the Weeping Angels have become massively popular in the show. This episode is literally flawless. The soundtrack is incredible, the script is so clever without being too time wimey to understand. The villains are amazing and all the characters are all likeable especially the infamous Sally Sparrow. What’s not to love?

4) The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances– Yes, another Moffat story. Seeing as I tend to rant about Steven Moffat frequently it seems odd that a lot of his stories are on my top 10 list. I can’t deny that Moffat’s stories during the RTD era of the show were remarkable and some of the best in the show’s history. All his episodes are so unique and enjoyable and really stand out during this era of the show. This episode truly scared me when I was young. The concept of a gas masked child in a World War 2 setting is genius. It’s also an important story as we first meet Captain Jack Harkness for the first time who works wonderfully against the Doctor and Rose. I wish NuWho nowadays could still hold up to how scary this episode was as this is definitely one of the greats.

3) Human Nature/ The Family of Blood– We’re now in my top 3. Before I decided what would be here I knew this twoparter had to be at a high position. What I find most fascinating about this episode is to see how the Doctor would be like if he was human and it’s such a great watch. I remember being so engaged in this story. It has a 7th doctor vibe to it which isn’t a surprise as it was adapted for a 7th Doctor novel. The cliffhanger at the end of Human Nature is really clear in my memory and just couldn’t wait for next week. The story is also heart breaking yet has some epic scenes with flashbacks of the Doctor. Paul Cornell is one of my favourite writers and I really hope he returns for a future story.

2) The Waters of Mars– This story is flawless. The setting on Mars looks incredible with great characters which you care for each one of them making it so impactful when they meet their demise. Adelaide Brooke is a superb character and seeing the Doctor’s dark side as the Time Lord victorious is amazing to watch. The Flood are an amazing villain and the episode feels like the stakes are very high. The episode feels really disturbing and claustrophobic which creates such a great atmosphere. Graeme Harper is an incredible director and I really hope he returns to direct.

1) Heaven Sent– Never did I think that a recent Moffat story would be at my number 1. This story is honestly remarkable. The director of the episode was a Rachel Talalay who I thought the directing she brought to this episode was incredible and really gave the story a darker tone compared to any episode I’ve seen before. The castle setting was incredible! It felt very surreal, gothic and the 1-hour run time made the atmosphere get set up really well. Peter Capaldi is phenomenal in this episode to hold up an entire episode. To be honest I would be happy if all of Series 10 was just Peter Capaldi on his own. The veil is also a great villain and the episode pushed the Doctor to his limit. It probably the darkest episode of Doctor Who I’ve seen and I love it so much. It’s such a shame it all ended on Hell Bent…

So there’s my Top 10 list for my favourite NuWho episodes. What are your favourite NuWho episodes? Leave your comments below or tweet us at @GallifreyRchive.


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