If I Turned Left (Part One)

Turn Left 3

We all make huge decisions in our lives. We all make decisions that may seem small at the time, but on reflection are huge. We all make decisions that will shape us, shape our destinies and can ultimately change the world. But what if we didn’t? What if, instead of making that decision, we changed it. What would happen then? Let’s go back to 26th March 2005 and change everything. Let’s see what would have happened if I hadn’t watched Doctor Who…

26th March 2005
Eight year old Daniel has heard a lot about this show that’s starting on BBC One, this show that his dad used to watch in the 1970’s. Doctor Who. Adverts have been bombarding the BBC about this bloke with big ears running away from a ball of flame. Not my cup of tea really, I think I’ll give it a pass.

28th March 2005
The playground at school is buzzing with people running around from plastic people or something, I’m not quite sure. Must have been that Doctor Who thing that started at the weekend. It’s weird, because for the first time, boys and girls are holding hands and saying ‘Lots of planets have a north’. Weird.

2nd May 2005
I’m nine now, have been for just over a week and I’m back at school. It’s strange, everyone’s running around shouting ‘Exterminate’ and killing everyone in sight. What ever happened to tig or hide and seek? These kids seem obsessed with this show. Still not bothered though.

20th June 2005
There’s a lot of talk about the guy that used to play Casanova (which I never got to watch because I was too young) being in that Doctor Who thing. I’m not quite sure what happened to the bloke with the big ears though. Things seem to change a lot around there. The whole school seems to be talking about it, apart from me, and I become known as a bit of a loner. Luckily, I had my custom made Beyblade which earned me the title of Beyblade Champion at my school, so at least I have that going for me.

25th December 2005
After a few months of quiet, Doctor Who comes back on the TV. On Christmas Day! The trailer makes it look like fun, but I’m already behind so there’s no point starting midway through. That Christmas, I got even more Beyblades, making my arsenal grow. Not a bad Christmas at all.

26th December 2005
Time for Boxing Day shopping, something I always enjoy. I have a few book vouchers so I go to my local Ottakers to buy a book, there’s shelves upon shelves of books about Doctor Who, with that guy that’s left on the cover. That show is very confusing. I decide to buy the next in the series of Geronimo Stilton, which was so bad it kind of put me off the idea of being a writer.

24th April 2006
My tenth birthday, and it’s a Monday, so I’m in school. A few of my close friends remembered that it I had finally gone into double digits, but everyone was way too busy running around being that Doctor bloke, that blonde woman or a werewolf. I was quickly losing touch with my friends because I didn’t watch the show, so I did something extraordinary. I decided to learn to skateboard. Luckily, I had birthday money to purchase the skateboard, but I didn’t really know how to get started… This could only end well, right?

Check back tomorrow for the second part of what would have happened if I never watched Doctor Who!


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