Old Monsters, New Series


You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies. The Doctor has had many spanning over 50 years that have been loved and hated by many. Some have even been restored to life and shown again after years of no Doctor Who on our screens. Rubber monsters that scared the past generation have now been enhanced to scare people of the present day! But what past monsters should return?

Since the beginning of the rival of the show, we have been yearning for past monsters to be resurrected again for NuWho. So far the Doctor has re-encountered many of his famous past villians including:  The Autons, The Daleks, The Cybermen, The Macra, The Master, Sontarans, Davros, Silurians and Ice Warriors. The modern series even made its own villains proving the show was still able to make original and iconic villains just like before. However, some would argue the restored villians weren’t given their potential. The Ice warriors for example have been debated to not have the best comeback in Series 7’s Cold War. Others say enemies have been turned into allies such as the Sontarans or Sillurians. The question is: Should old monsters return?

You may argue that some monsters shouldn’t return to NuWho and only belong in one story and should not be tampered with. With many of Doctor’s villians I can agree. However many monsters still have potential for the modern era and still deserve a shot of becoming as iconic in the past as they will be today. So, who could return?

  • Yetis’– Okay hear me out here. Yes, I know when you look back at the 60’s episodes like The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear, these mortal enemies are absolutely adorable. It seems impossible that these once scary villians could now be just as terrifying without the urge to hug them. Yet it’s still plausible that these enemies could be completely transformed. I mean look at the Silurians! They look very different from their first appearance in Doctor Who and the Silurians. We could also encounter the Great Intelligence again along with them. Who knows?


  • Sutekh– Personally I can only imagine Sutekh only belonging to The Pyramids of Mars. He’s such an iconic villain in such an iconic story which makes him feel that’s only where he belongs. It would be great to see him back and to imagine how epic he would look in modern times. If there’s a good enough story to rival The Pyramids of Mars than maybe we will see more of him.


  • Omega– Now this is one of my favourite villains of all time. How has it been this long and we still haven’t seen the most powerful Time Lord of all time? The Time Lord who made time travel possible for the Time Lords! Looking back on The Three Doctors, Omega looks incredible. Just imagine that costume updated (forgetting the alternative in Arc of Infinity) up against the 12th  Doctor. To be honest, after the events of Hell Bent I haven’t been looking forward to seeing Gallifrey back in the slightest. But for the possibility of Omegas return, that’s a different story. Omega is the threat Doctor Who needs; perhaps for a future story arc.


  • Fenric– Now for a villain from one of my favourite stories The Curse of Fenric. Fenric seems like a villain with a lot more potential. He was such a large threat with so many possibilities of stories to be done with him. Fenric has the full package of what makes a brilliant villain. It would be great to see what NuWho would do to reinvent his character.


  • The Sea Devils– Now this is a popular one. The Sea Devils seems like a perfect monster to revamp. Their design can easily be adapted to the modern era and their also a much loved villain. It would be amazing to see what these monsters would look like designed suited for the modern era and what stories could be written for them. The Sea Devils is one of the monsters I most want to return. Fingers crossed for Series 10.


  • The Axons– Another 3rd Doctor villain. This was suggest by Peter Capaldi himself would be a good monster to return. Its hard to imagine how these villains would look for NuWho but there’s no doubt that their return will make fans ecstatic to see them again.


  • The Mara– This one is undoubtedly needed for an updated. Most of you would probably agree the Mara was one of the fakest monsters shown on Doctor Who. Although there is a CGI update on the DVD release it would be interesting to see an official update on this monster. Additionally the Mara is one of the greatest and most popular villain of the 5th Doctors era!


  • The Rani– I was disappointed when I found Missy wasn’t the Rani. Don’t get me wrong, Michelle Gomez is perfect for the Master, however it meant there was a longer wait for this famous Time Lady to return. It was stated by Steven Moffat that The Rani was not popular enough to return. Where’s the problem with that? Why can’t NuWho set itself a challenge and bring a supposed “unpopular” character an new lease of life and adapt her for the modern series in turn making her a popular villain for the modern audience. People don’t enjoy monsters just for the nostalgia behind them and if they remember them from the classic era. When I was introduced to Doctor Who, I had no idea who these villains were or if they turned up in the classic series. Why should The Rani be any different? The Rani was a fantastic villain who deserved better and more stories. We can’t leave this character with such potential with Time and the Rani as an ending now can we?


  • The Valeyard– Now this villain has already been scheduled a return. It is said the Valeyard is an amalgamation between the Doctor’s 12th and 13th  incarnations. With John Hurt technically being the 9th Doctor, this would mean the Valeyard is a combination of Matt Smith’s and Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. It is very possibly we will see this villain again. It would also be incredible to see a darker side to the Doctor in NuWho. Plus the Valeyard is an fantastic yet mysterious villain we still need to know more about.

So that’s the list of possible villains to return. Some may be far-fetched but some desperately need to return and be updated for NuWho. With good writing to do these villains justice, I don’t see why not some of these infamous foes shouldn’t return. Which villain would you like to return? Leave your comments below or tweet us at @GallifreyRchive.


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