Is Torchwood returning?


Could Torchwood be coming back? News from the Whoniverse erupted this week as rumours occurred that we could see Torchwood once again on TV. John Barrowman confirmed that he was in talks to bring the much beloved show back to fans after a panel at San Diego Comic Con. Could Barrowman achieve another series of Torchwood or is it unlikely we will see Captain Jack and his team again?

Torchwood. The name seems ancient now. It was taken away from our screens years ago making us deprived of this incredible story that ended too soon. I’m being too dramatic aren’t I? I mean the last time we saw Torchwood was back in 2011 when it was brought up by the TV channel Starz in the United States. Although its resurrection in the form of Miracle Day not have been the greatest gift for us Torchwood fans; we also got to experience the show on Big Finish so fans can enjoy the Torchwood team again. Torchwood’s spark has been ignited again thanks to Big Finish. Whovians would have gone insane by the lack of Doctor Who in their lives by now if it wasn’t for them.

As you all probably know Comic Con was this month. Sadly, there was no Doctor Who panel this year. However, John Barrowman confirmed that he was in talks to bring Torchwood back. People have wanted Torchwood back for years now. You can’t deny the love for the show is as strong as it ever was and people want to see these much loved characters back on screen. I adore Barrowman’s dedication to the show. You can tell that he is incredibly proud of the show and adores the character of Captain Jack along with many fans. Barrowman also said people who want to support the show should buy the new Torchwood Titan comics and stated “I’m only going to say it if I really mean it and believe it”. It seems there is a ray of hope for this much beloved spin-offs possible return.

Of course we’re not completely starved of Torchwood. We still have audios and comics and always the occasion to binge watching all the series. But is it enough? Its undeniable fans always crave their favourite shows no matter how it ended. But was Miracle Day a suitable ending? The last we saw Torchwood on screen was when Rex Matheson was shockingly shot at the end of the final episode. Unexpectedly, Rex was brought to life in a very similar way to Jack himself. And then…nothing. That was the end of the show. No explanation but an unsolved mystery. If Torchwood was to come back would we get an explanation?

Personally I disliked Miracle Day. The concept was brilliant yet it didn’t have that strong Welsh charm of Torchwood I knew before. Additionally, I didn’t like the new cast of characters Rex and Esther. I felt they didn’t fit well with the Torchwood team and I couldn’t connect to their characters. For me I wasn’t particularly intrigued with the Miracle Day ending. I hope if we’re lucky enough for Torchwood to come back we will have a fresh start again and move on from the controversial fourth season.

So where will the fifth season of Torchwood air? Will it be brought up by Starz, the BBC or another American channel? I hope Torchwood comes back to the BBC. You may think where Torchwood airs doesn’t really matter yet I find Torchwood should remain with the BBC and brought back in the original Cardiff setting.

What writers will be part of the show? I hope the creator Russell T Davies will have a say in the show’s direction and original writers to come back. Writers for Doctor Who could also write for the show like before including Chris Chibnall who wrote many excellent episodes. It would also be interesting to see new writers and to move the show forward more yet still being the Torchwood we know and love.

What cast will be included? With only Jack and Gwen being the surviving members of the Torchwood team; could we get a brand new Torchwood team? It will be hard to replace the lovable characters of Ianto, Tosh and Owen yet a brand new cast is just what the show needs to become new and fresh for the possible fifth season. I would prefer there to be new characters alongside Jack and Gwen instead of the new characters established in Miracle Day.

It’s also possible we could get a scenario of three shows airing at the same time. Instead of Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood we will now have Doctor Who, Torchwood and Class! The world of Doctor Who could be expanding again and hopefully become as popular as it was before.

This may have been thinking too far ahead for the future of Torchwood. But with the possibility of an new season on the horizon; you can’t help but imagine Doctor Who’s beloved spin-off’s long awaited show back to the Whoniverse. Would you like Torchwood to return? What are your thoughts on John Barrowman in talks to bring Torchwood back? Leave your comments below or tweet us at @GallifreyRchive.


One thought on “Is Torchwood returning?

  1. Eu nunca me conformei com o término de uma série tão amada, quanto Torchwood. Vamos ficar torcendo para seu retorno, o mais brevemente possível. Pedimos a todos os fãs, para apoiar o retorno, adquirindo as revistas lançada em quadrinhos, com nossos tão amados personagens. Deixo aqui, um abraço a todos os fãs, dessa maravilhosa série.


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