Introducing Subwave!


Hey guys, sorry I’ve been away for a few days; I’ve been busy working on my latest project (alongside writing The GallifreyArchive Book and prepping The GallifreyArchive Podcast), Subwave. But just what is Subwave, and why am I involved? Keep reading for all the info that I’m willing to give!

I am honoured and humbled to be writing Episode One of the new spin-off series, Subwave. I was approached by Zack Attree about being involved in a new project which is a spin off of The Sarah Jane Adventures to be part of the tenth anniversary celebrations alongside the upcoming event The Attic.

Subwave is a whole new branch of the Doctor Who universe, albeit unofficially. The series itself will be a blend of The Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who, with a dash of Torchwood when it’s needed. I am so grateful to the guys who are producing Subwave to be asked to write the opening episode, which I am well on the way to doing. Being given the chance to fundamentally establish these great characters, give glimpses to their pasts as well as foreshadowing their futures is truly humbling and a task that I’m not taking lightly.

As somebody who endeavours to become a scriptwriter, this opportunity is huge for me, as it will be the first script for television that I will have worked on. I’ve previously written for theatre and I’m working on an audio in my free time, but the constraints of recorded audiovisual is a challenge that I’m more than willing to accept.

In the first episode, there will be laughs, there will be revelations, there will be in-jokes and references galore. There will be challenges and there will be truths that have been long hidden.

For all the latest news and updates from Subwave, follow @sjaspinoff or if you want updates from me following my writing process, follow @SubwaveShow.

It started as a signal, now it’s saving the world.
Subwave. Coming soon.


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