Writer’s Room- The Right Direction


It’s been rumoured that after Series 10 is over and Moffat’s long reign as head writer ends; Series 11 will be scripted under an American Styled Writer’s room. This will give a different approach to writing episodes and the series compared to writing scripts in the past on Doctor Who and in the UK in general. But will a Writer’s Room improve the show?

So what is a Writer’s Room? A Writer’s Room is a more collaborative process when it comes to writing scripts. Instead of one head writer carrying the weight of an entire series; other writers writing episodes for the series can share ideas to form an entire series. This has worked with many successful shows in the US and is now very common way of writing shows. You can’t deny that Doctor Who isn’t as good as it used to be. Some would say Doctor Who has lost its spark over the years and the quality of stories has declined. A Writer’s Room could really help the show get back on its feet again for the new era of the show in 2018.

Steven Moffat has made many good and bad mistakes with the show. Whether you like Moffat or not, you can’t deny he is a dedicated writer. Moffat is running two popular TV Shows at the same time with the other being Sherlock. What has annoyed many people that Moffat has been paying less attention to Doctor Who and more with Sherlock.  People have also argued that Doctor Who has decreased in quality after Moffat took over and have been yearning for a new head writer ever since. If Chibnall goes ahead with using a Writer’s Room for the new series, it may make the process of making a series so much easier compared to the old format.

The benefits of a Writer’s Room are writers can work by their strengths and weaknesses. Ideas can be improved and ideas can be added to stories making a series the best it can possibly be. Imagine how many great ideas can come from a group of writers for a series instead of just one. Story arcs can be more consistent and can bring new and original ideas to the series. The collaborative process can also improve episodes which will increase the entire quality of the overall series. If shows in the US have achieved a large amount of success with this style, imagine how it could benefit Doctor Who.

Presently under the format we have now with the show, usually writers are penned with one story to write and the head writer runs the entire arc and main episodes to the plot. People have complained that the series recently has been inconsistent (especially series 6 onwards) and episodes with a lot of potential aren’t written to their fullest. From what I’ve seen under Moffat’s time as head writer is each series lowers in quality each year. Writer’s seem quite isolated in this format and don’t really have a say in the overall series. I think a group of writers will improve the show massively.

Personally, I think a Writer’s Room is key to rejuvenating the show for 2018 under a new head writer. Not only will this change the show itself for this brand new era in the show but also change the quality of the show for the better with this new collaborative format. This is possibly the most exciting thing for Doctor Who in 2018 which I really hope they go ahead with. What’s your opinions on Doctor Who having a Writer’s Room? Leave your comments below or tweet us at @GallifreyRchive your opinions.


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