Should Jack Come Back?

Captain Jack is one of Doctor Who’s most loved characters. With his presence prominent in Russell T Davies’ reign, Torchwood and Big Finish audios; Jack owns the stage when it comes to demand from fans. Recently rumours have circulated that Captain Jack Harkness may make a long awaited return in this year’s Christmas Special which fans have been yearning for years. Is Jack’s story really finished or are these just circling rumours that have spawned from our lack of Who this year?

So why is Jack so loved? John Barrowman gives so much charm to role which seems he was born to play. The character is now iconic to the Doctor Who Universe and loved by many fans. It’s rare to see someone at Comic Con dressed in the iconic trench coat walking around or anyone giving any negative opinions on his character. John Barrowman is also very eager to bring Jack back on our screens which makes in even more likely for a return.

We mostly saw Captain Jack in Torchwood which went into more depth with his character and showed new sides to his character. Popularity of this series made it move to audios on the brilliant Big Finish after Miracle Day in 2011 (the less about that the better). Although it his great that Torchwood keeps on getting resurrected (no pun intended) in different forms, nothing compares to seeing Captain Jack before our eyes on screen.

If rumours are true that Jack will return this Christmas, then a pattern seems to be forming. Last year another much loved character River Song returned alongside the Twelfth Doctor. Personally I really disliked the return of River in this special as I thought it was unnecessary as her story seemed finished. Additionally, after Matt Smith’s era had recently just ended; it felt wrong to bring back her character so soon in this new era of the show. The main thing that annoyed me (which is happening quite a lot during the past years) is fan service. This seemed the biggest reason River Song made her return which I think catered too much to some fans which I think the show should avoid. But will Captain Jack’s return be pure fan service?

In my opinion I think his story is far from being all over. With Miracle Day ending on a cliffhanger and seeing Jack in a bar in The End of Time felt not like a departure for the character. There is so much more you can do with this character seeing as his life span is incredibly long after the events of The Parting of the Ways. The life of Captain Jack we have seen is just a mere fraction of his entire life that deserved to be explored more. To be honest I would be happy if the special moved his character forward instead of being there to only get fans in an uproar of excitement and not adding anything to the story.

Picture a scenario if Jack does make an appearance this year. An episode with the Twelfth Doctor and Captain Jack side by side seems like a dream pairing. It would be fantastic to see a new dynamic between the characters and how Jack will react to this incarnation. We’ve only seen Jack with the Ninth and Tenth Doctors so it would be great to see Jack on adventures with more incarnations.

People seem to say Jack should return for just one special. Seeing as John Barrowman seems to really want to bring this role back should Jack continue to be a recurring character? Undoubtedly there is still a lot more stories for Jack so perhaps a one-off special doesn’t justify his potential. In future episodes Captain Jack could show up in other episodes such as series finales like in the past and develop his character further. Of course a one-off special would be incredible to see and what all the fans could hope for, yet there is always that possibility we could see Jack a lot more often…

To sum it I would love Captain Jack to return to Doctor Who and I really hope these rumours are true and give us something to look forward to this year. What are your opinions on Captain Jack returning? Tweet us @GallifreyRchive!


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