Lost and Found Review (In Haikus)

Lost and Found

If you don’t have loads of free time to lounge around listening to Big Finish audios, the Short Trips range are a great place to get your Doctor Who fix; likewise if you’re on a tight budget, at just £2.99 it’s hard to go wrong. This months Short Trip, Lost and Found features the Second Doctor. The question is; will you want this story to be forever lost, or is this a great find?

The post-war London of 1948 is rebuilding, the people are recovering, and Ben and Polly have arrived with an old friend with a new face. But they’re not the only visitors. A very different kind of war is being fought, in a department store, and they are in the middle of it…


Second Doctor, Ben
And Polly are together
In the Doctor’s ship.

They arrive at a
Bomb site, there’s bricks everywhere
They find tins of beans.

Polly lost her bear
That her mother had taken
To Henrick’s with her.

She had lost the bear
During World War Two and so
Missed him so greatly.

The Doctor comforts
Polly, who’s getting upset
She holds onto Ben.

The Doc’s Recorder
Helps him to communicate
With a tin of beans.

The beans lead the gang
Back to Henrick’s Department Store;
They might find the bear!

It’s not every day
Where you can talk with your food;
The food’s imprisoned.

The beans can freeze time;
Sparing the TARDIS gang, but
There’s a consequence.

The Doc sees Polly
Albeit not in the way
That he intended.

Ben and Polly find
The lost bear from her childhood
But they can’t touch it.

The Doctor has to
Try and keep Polly away
Her past/future self.

The conclusion of
Lost and Found is rather good;
Full of reflection.

Only Doctor Who
Can have a tin of beans as
A heroic part.

Overall I found
Lost and Found enjoyable;
Will listen again.



Should you want to purchase Lost and Found, it’s currently available as a download from Big Finish for £2.99 which you can purchase here.


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