Happy 1st Birthday GallifreyArchive!


Who would have thought that we’re turning 1 today? In some respects it feels like I’ve been doing GallifreyArchive only a matter of minutes, and on the other hand, it feels like I’ve been doing this a hell of a lot longer. The website has grown more popular than I could ever have imagined; at the time of writing this, the site has had over 27,000 views, which is absolutely insane. Through the website I’ve gained lots of new friends and contacts, which hopefully means that the site will grow and grow into bigger and better things. Next month we’re collaborating with the lovely folks at EpicWho for the LGBT Month and I’m sure there will be a lot more collaboration in the future.

It’s not a birthday though without presents, and you’ve already given me presents by making all of this possible and by funding me to write a book (how insane is that?) so it’s time to give something back! Until 11:59PM tonight UK time, anyone who tweets using the hashtag #HappyBirthdayGallifreyArchive will be entered into a competition to win one of four Classic Doctor Who DVD’s, either The Ark In SpaceThe Ambassadors of Death, The Leisure Hive and The Brain of Morbius! I know it’s not a lot, but I wanted to give something back as a token of my appreciation.

I suppose I might as well say it…

Happy Birthday GallifreyArchive!


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