You So Fine? A Missy Theory (Part One)


Series Eight brought some a whole heap of new things into Doctor Who. We had a new Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi, we had a new villain in the form of Missy, and we had a great series long arc as to who she is and what she’s doing with dead people. With the revelation that Missy is in fact the Master, I have to ask the question, is Missy a fraud?

I absolutely adore Michelle Gomez as an actor; she plays unhinged and hyperbolic characters extremely well. She’s a pantomime villain that’s not for the kids. She’s probably criminally insane. I love it. I love Missy as a character too, or the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere as she was way back in the early days. I thought that this lunatic Mary Poppins was the exact type of character the show needed in Series Eight, especially with the darker tone that Moffat seemed to want to give to Capaldi’s opening series. The problem I have though, is that should Missy be the Master? It’s a question I’ve asked myself for a long while. There’s one thing I’ve noticed though, we only have her word that she is…

Now, I have no insider knowledge as to what the future holds in terms of Missy’s character or Doctor Who, (though, if anyone wants to give me some insider knowledge, feel free) but I have a theory. An implausible theory, but one so out there, that Moffat himself could have a similar idea. Let’s examine it.

At the end of Dark Water, Missy revealed herself to the Doctor as being a new incarnation of the Master, and the Doctor accepted this as the truth as she is, in fact a Time Lord/ Lady. But there are other Time Lords out there too, now that Gallifrey is back, so how can we be sure of her identity?

The last time we saw the Master was in The End of Time as he was dying and beating Rassilon to a pulp whilst they were both sent back into the Time War. Now, in between the events of The End of Time and Deep Breath, the John Simm incarnation of the Master must have regenerated into Missy right? Not necessarily. If you remember, the Simm Master died and refused to regenerate in the Tenth Doctors arms in The Last of The Time Lords and he only returned due to the Order of Saxon, a group of human followers, who resurrected him. Of course, we all know that his ex-wife Lucy and her pals tried to stop the resurrection being successful, and to a degree, they did. So the main question is, did Simm’s Master still have the ability to regenerate?

In The Sound of Drums, the Master explained that in the Time War, the Time Lords gave him a new set of regenerations, so in theory he could. He only used one to regenerate from the Jacobi Master into the Simm Master, but then he died, so does he still have the regeneration energy stored inside him to regenerate at a later date? If you can in fact save your regenerations in case you need them after an impromptu resurrection, then sure, the likelihood that Simm could have regenerated into Gomez would be more plausible; but not definite.

Like I said earlier, the last time we saw Simm’s Master, he was giving Rassilon a good beating in order to save the Doctor and as payback for the drumbeat in his head. Knowing that Time Lords can give more cycles of regenerations to those who require it, surely they’d also be able to revoke the privilege? If I was Rassilon, one of the most powerful Time Lords in history, surely you’d revoke the Master’s regenerations for what he’d just done to you? It seems like a fairly rational move.

So, in conclusion of this first half of my analysis, it seems like it could be extremely unlikely that Missy is in fact the Master, due to the fact we’ve never seen a Master regenerate into her, we’ve never had confirmation apart from her word and that we’re unsure that Simm’s Master in The End of Time would have had the ability to even regenerate. That brings up another question. Who is she?

My ideas as to her real identity will be revealed tomorrow in the second part of my Missy theory. Until then, let me know if you agree with this theory or if I’m just over examining by tweeting us @GallifreyRchive


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