Thank You


Words cannot describe how I’ve felt since last night; my life has been totally altered and turned upside down. Last night, I finally reached enough funding for The GallifreyArchive Book thanks to the generosity of both family and strangers alike. There are a few certain people that I would love to thank more, who tipped me over the edge and gave me the final wave of money needed to make this book a reality, but they’ve asked to remain anonymous and I shall of course respect their wishes.

This book isn’t just a way for me to raise money, or a way to try and break into any industry; it’s a way of me saying thank you to those who support me, whether it be through reading this site, or helping me out personally by being a friend or someone to kick me up the arse in moments of low motivation. It’s also, largely a thank you to Big Finish and the Big Finish community; I know a lot of people are now turning to them in this year long hiatus, which, don’t get me wrong is absolutely the best thing I think a Whovian can do; but the Big Finish team, especially Joe, has been so kind and supportive of GallifreyArchive, they’ve been gracious enough to read my reviews, value my feedback and quote me on their website, meaning I gain more viewers and more recognition in the community.

For all those who have already backed The GallifreyArchive Book, I hope you love what’s coming your way around September; and for those who haven’t bought it yet, don’t worry, you can still back on Kickstarter until 11:59PM tonight for exclusive rewards, or, once the book is made, paperback versions will be available to purchase through GallifreyArchive directly.

Don’t think this means I’m going to slow down though, in the words of Alexander Hamilton in the musical Hamilton of which I am obsessed;

“There’s a million things I haven’t done, just you wait, just you wait…”


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