Meet The Master!

The Masters

We’ve met members of the team here at GallifreyArchive; but this time we’re doing something different. This time, we’re getting to know a Time Lord (or are they a Time Lady now?) known as the Master/ Missy/ many, many aliases.

What was the first episode of Doctor Who you watched?
What do you mean episode of Doctor Who? Who the bleeding hell is Doctor Who?

What is your favourite story?
My favourite story is probably the story where I end up proving to the Doctor that we’re not too dissimilar and he agrees. The whole Cyberarmy thing didn’t work, nor did trying to turn his stupid friend Clara into a Dalek, so I’m so glad that when I worked alongside the Kandyman that everything finally worked out.

What is your favourite era?
Ooh, that’s a good question. I’d have to say probably the jurassic era on Earth. No stupid apes and lots of big, dumb bitey reptiles.

Who is your favourite Doctor?
Probably the second face, we never seemed to bump into one another at all. Then again, his latest one is very kissable.

Who is your favourite companion?
Honey, I don’t do companions. I work alone. I tried with the Rani but that didn’t go too well, so I just recruit and double-cross other enemies of the Doctor. Can I say death?

Apart from watching the show, how else do you immerse yourself in Doctor Who?
What the hell is this Doctor Who thing you keep talking about?

Do you think you’d be a good Doctor or companion and why?
I pretty much am the Doctor, darling. Think about it this way, whereas he makes a mess and runs away from it; I make the mess and have the courtesy to try and tidy it up. With death and destruction. As for a companion, he offered me that a while ago when he was super-skinny and I declined; I couldn’t be doing with living in that TARDIS with him; could you imagine the arguments as to where we’d go?

If you could have one lost episode found, what would it be?
Probably the Doctor’s angry episodes; they are so much fun to watch. Sometimes he makes me so proud.

When did you first read GallifreyArchive?
I broke into Gallifrey’s archives when I was a wee girl; the Doctor helped me of course. We managed to break in and bump up our test scores so we got into the Academy. Good times.

What do you hope to bring to the site?
A warzone or a battlefield… Oh! You mean the website? Why should I care?

Besides Doctor Who, what else do you enjoy?
Can we stop blabbing on about whatever this Doctor Who thing is? Please? Now, what else do I enjoy? Conquering, getting up to no good, trying to get my friend back, attempting to double-cross everyone and knitting. Oh, and getting people to say something nice to me. Always be nice, children.


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