Reverse The Polarity- May


Another month gone, which means another edition of Reverse The Polarity; the monthly article in which I round up all that’s happened in the previous month. This time we’ll be looking at May, our most viewed month ever!

May was an absolutely great month for GallifreyArchive, with a whopping 5157 views! If you’ve read any Reverse The Polarity articles before, you’ll know what comes first; but if you’re a new reader, who’s just found this article; then get ready for a massive list of countries where we’ve had readers from in May. In May, we had views from…
Switzerland, Venezuela, Slovenia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Armenia, Israel, Finland, Quatar, United Arab Emirates, Albania, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Taiwan, China, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jersey, Morocco, Hong Kong, Slovakia, Chile, Ukraine, Austria, Norway, Argentina, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Egypt, Singapore, Japan, Poland, Peru, Belgium, India, Serbia, Greece, Phillipenes, Indonesia, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, South Korea, Spain, New Zealand, Brazil, Ireland, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, United States and the United Kingdom. That’s 60 countries (if I counted correctly). Thank you so, so much each and every one of you; I truly appreciate it.

We had a plethora of Big Finish reviews (with it being Big Finish month), including the reviews of the Tenth Doctor Adventures, TechnophobiaTime Reaver and Death and The Queen. We also had the really popular article from Amy, End of The Nine? which asks the question, should the Ninth Doctor join Big Finish, which I know caused a great discussion on Facebook. In the last weekend of May, we also started our new series, written by Jamie called Time of The TARDIS which will look at how the TARDIS has evolved over the 53 years.

Looking ahead then to the rest of June, we have The Master Month where we’ll be focussing a lot on the Doctor’s best frenemy, the Master. We also have our first birthday coming up, which we’re currently planning, and of course, all the latest Big Finish releases will be reviewed!

Thank you once again for a great May, let’s see if we can make an even more incredible June!


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