This Sporting Life Review (In Haikus)

This Sporting Life

If you don’t have loads of free time to lounge around listening to Big Finish audios, the Short Trips range are a great place to get your Doctor Who fix; likewise if you’re on a tight budget, at just £2.99 it’s hard to go wrong. This months short trip, This Sporting Life features the First Doctor. The question is; will This Sporting Life be a sporting effort, or a life ender?

When the Doctor, Steven, and Dodo arrive in London in March 1966, World Cup fever is already underway. But disaster has struck: the trophy has been stolen, and the police are at a loss as to who could have taken it. When someone shoves part of the trophy into Steven’s hands, the travellers become embroiled in the case…

I’m aware that this is a new thing, and it won’t happen regularly, but there’s something I think you all should know. On November 23rd 2013, at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration in the ExCel, I had to go to the loo. I went to the urinal and Peter Purves went to the next urinal and said ‘hello’ to me. It’s a very obscure claim to fame, I know. Anyway, on with what you’re actually here for…


This Sporting Life is
Surprisingly about sport;
I do not like sport.

Steven and Dodo
Find themselves with the Doctor
In quiet London.

The sound design in
This Sporting Life is good;
Stark and effective.

Purves’ portrayal
Of Bill Hartnell’s Doctor is
An audio treat.

 Steven is perplexed;
“Why are people angry due
To a missing cup?”

(I must confess that,
On this occasion, I side
With my pal, Steven.)

It seems that the Doc
Is rather fond of football
Who would have thought it?

The TARDIS gang find
Themselves chasing a man who
Can just disappear.

That man gave the gang
The base of the World Cup that
Had just been stolen.

Now the TARDIS Team
Appear to be criminals,
Oh no, oh dear- dang.

Of course, as the Doc
Is now part of this event,
Things can’t go smoothly.

The Cup’s base is full
Of Steins radiation, so
Things get more intense.

A goldsmith gets grilled
By our favourite Time Lord;
Goldsmith plays it cool.

The story becomes
A game of ‘Cat and Mouse’ which
Leads the team astray.

Steven gets attacked
By the elusive hiding man
All’s not as it seems.

Only Doctor Who
Could do a story about
Cups and loneliness.

The story soon takes
A science fiction turn that
Is so Doctor Who.

The conclusion of
This Sporting Life is quite good
Sadly, not the best.

The final five mins
Seems to be slight overkill;
Lots of faff happens.

Overall, this tale
Is rather enjoyable,
But it drags slightly.

I was surprised that,
Even though I don’t like sports
I liked this release.



Should you want to purchase This Sporting Life, it’s currently available as a download from Big Finish for £2.99 which you can purchase here.


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