Meet Daniel!

The Doctors

You may have noticed that we now have more of a team on GallifreyArchive than ever before! It started out with just me; then Amy joined, and now we have also have Jamie, Brad and Max too! Since I’m making everyone answer these questions, it’s only fair that I answer them too…

What was the first episode of Doctor Who you watched?
It was Rose way back in 2005.

What is your favourite story?
Okay, so everyone else who I’ve asked hasn’t given one answer; so I’ll just do a story from each Doctor to make it fair to all. So I’d say The Time MeddlerThe Tomb of The CybermenInfernoShadaThe Caves of AndrozaniThe Two DoctorsSurvivalThe TV MovieThe Empty ChildMidnightThe Doctor’s Wife and Heaven Sent.

What is your favourite era?
I don’t know if it classes as an era, but Season 12.

Who is your favourite Doctor?
Can I say The Doctor? No? Dang it; it’s the Eighth Doctor then.

Who is your favourite companion?
Now this is much more difficult than my favourite Doctor; as I’m typing this though, I’d say that the answer is Rory Williams.

Apart from watching the show, how else do you immerse yourself in Doctor Who?
Well, I don’t know if you know this but I run a site called GallifreyArchive which I’ve been told is fairly good; I also absolutely love listening to Big Finish and reading anything that’s Doctor Who related, whether it be Doctor Who Magazine or stories and I’m even starting to dabble in the comics.

Do you think you’d be a good Doctor or companion and why?
No. Plain and simply. As a Doctor I’d be too cautious and would probably skirt away from danger; and my asthma wouldn’t allow for much running. I could do with being like the Third Doctor and having a car. Okay, if I could have a car and I could drive, I’d probably be an alright Doctor. I wouldn’t be a companion at all, because how many companions have happy endings? Not a lot. That’s why I wouldn’t be a companion.

If you could have one lost episode found, what would it be?
Like everyone else, I think it would have to be The Power of The Daleks. Someone please find it in an attic. Please.

When did you first read GallifreyArchive?
Before anyone else. I win.

What do you hope to bring to the site?
Things that you can read with your eyes and hopefully make you either informed or entertained. And the money needed to run it. I bring that too.

Besides Doctor Who, what else do you enjoy?
There’s things other than Doctor Who‽ I’m kidding, I know there is. Truth be told, I watch a lot of ‘popular culture’ like Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Torchwood and Jessica Jones. I also like baking and answering questions that I’ve asked myself.


One thought on “Meet Daniel!

  1. I see you went with Shada for the 4th Doctor. As I mentioned on Twitter a month ago. It was bought for me for my birthday. I thought it was good, but I do prefer City Of Death myself. This isn’t the fault of Shada, it’s just down to the unfortunate circumstances it faced. I’m about to start the novelisation to see if that helps me with it.
    It was nice to see a version of this article for you, even though you have run this site from the start.


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