End of The Nine?

Can you believe it’s been over eleven years since the first episode of the revived series aired back in 2005? Me neither. My 5-year-old self back then didn’t know what she was getting into when she sat down and watched Rose for the first time; opening a new world of time, space and the Doctor Who fandom. Without a doubt, we have Christopher Eccleston to thank for kicking the show back to the life after being through years of the hiatus. Eccleston run may have been short yet it was one of the greatest Doctor Who has ever had. If his reign may have been longer; people may have given him a lot more praise as he deserves and be as popular as other Doctors’ we have now.  But is it really the end for Doctor Number Nine (Or is that Ten now?)..?

There is hope in the form of a hero that makes all of our bank accounts empty which can bring all our favourite Doctor’s back to life; enabling them to venture across the universe in brand new stories. Yes, I am talking about our shoulder to cry on in this terrible hiatus: Big Finish.

Recently Big Finish have revitalised the Tenth Doctor and Donna. With these new and incredible stories realised based on the modern series (which I really recommend you purchase), who’s to say the Ninth Doctor can’t be the same? Big Finish is also known for its exceptional quality of storytelling and dark themes. Nine and Big Finish go hand in hand when it comes to dark episodes which I think it will be greatly suited to his short lived era.

Eccleston has been very reluctant to come back to the show which is understandable. As an actor who wants to do new roles; I understand why he may not want to come back as it’s his choice to do so and shouldn’t be expected to please the fans by coming back to a role he may not want to explore again. However, there’s still that glimmer of hope the Ninth Doctor may be reborn in the form of audio.

Not long ago I realised the Ninth Doctor has never been to a planet in Series One. Perhaps he did in books or comics (if there is please leave in the comments below as I would love to know) but it would be great to hear the Doctor spill scientific knowledge when stepping onto a new world with Rose by his side. Series One only touched upon Satellites and planet Earth. Even though Series One was practically perfect; it would be great to see adventures of Nine and Rose on new worlds, rather than things we’ve seen before.

Who can forget the fantastic relationship of Nine, Rose and Captain Jack Harkness? I can’t help but have a smile on my face when watching these three in Boom Town (including Mickey of course). This trio have such a great dynamic and really burst the fun out of the show. It would be incredible to hear stories based around that time in the series and see more elements of their relationship.

I would love for audio’s to capture the dark themes Series One did. Personally, I think that Series One gets the balance just right with dark undertones yet fun moments too. It would be great if Big Finish could get the rights to the Series One library of music too as the eerie and beautiful score from Murray Gold really captures the series.

Some of us witnessed the Ninth Doctor at a very early age. For me I can hardly remember watching the series broadcast and only have vague memories watching it. With Big Finish it will be like experiencing the Ninth Doctor for the first time again which would be surreal and amazing at the same time. (We can call it surrazing.)

Overall, I think I speak for Whovians as a collective when I say we all want to hear the Ninth Doctor again. It would be a dream to get my first Doctor back to experience more adventures from the first form of many of our childhood hero. Leave your comments below or tweet us @GallifreyRchive if you think the Ninth will or should return.


10 thoughts on “End of The Nine?

  1. Let’s hope it happens, you should check out Night of the Whisper, a Big Finish-Audio Go play, with Nick Briggs playing the Ninth Doctor. As you’ll hear he’s more than capable of replacing Eccleston, and, if I remember correctly, they go to an alien planet. Plus it’s with Rose and Jack.


  2. On the Twitter poll the other day I was highly disappointed to be the only person to have voted 9. I myself had no idea that my life was about to change that evening in March 2005. I was just over a month away from turning 8, and my father told me it was a show he watched at the age I was back then.
    As for 9 visiting palnets, I can’t say as far as the Comics, I haven’t really got around to them, but I did have all the NSAs with him as part of a box set years ago, and he visited a few planets with Jack and Rose. One of the better ones was The Stealers Of Dreams. The Monsters Inside is another great one, and it talks about how Rose feels on standing on her first planet other than Earth. The Doctor ends up working with some aliens that somewhat surprised me when I was 11.

    Thanks for the great article about a great Doctor.


  3. The Ninth Doctor visited the prison planet of Justicia in 2501 in his second novel “The Monsters Inside” by Stephen Cole, in which he encountered both Slitheen and Blathereen. This was implied to be Rose Tyler’s *first* visit to an alien planet (“Rose was, officially, Somewhere Else”). This adventure must be pre-“Empty Child”, as Jack doesn’t feature. It’s usually set between “World War Three” and “Dalek”.

    Published later, but set earlier, was “The Beast of Babylon” by Charlie Higson – explicitly set between materialisations at the end of “Rose” (i.e. before he comes back to tell her that his ship travels in time). In that story Nine goes to the planet Karkinos before going to Babylon in Earth’s past – and this story then segues into him returning to pick Rose up.

    In the comic “The Cruel Sea”, Nine takes Rose to 22nd century Mars.

    Robert Shearman’s short story, “Pitter-Patter”, published in the 2006 Story Annual, sees the Doctor and Rose on an unnamed colony planet.

    In the comic “Weapons of Past Destruction,” the Doctor, Rose and Jack visit various planets – Traxis, Fluren’s World, etc…

    Then, finally, the rather excellent Ninth Doctor novel “The Stealers of Dreams” (his last) by Steve Lyons sees Nine, Rose and Jack visit the colony world of Arkannis Major in 2775. And after that in the audio “Night of the Whisper”, the trio visit the moon-world of New Vegas.

    Hope that helps! 🙂


  4. Titan Comics recently began an ongoing series starring Nine, Jack and Rose, and they indeed get to visit alien planets. It also looks like they’re going to address the unanswered question of Jack’s stolen memories that was first brought up in The Empty Child.

    Now I’m from America, where the comics are printed individually, but as I understand it they’re sold in the UK as part of a magazine called “Tales from the TARDIS.”


    • I’ve only read the first 9th Doctor comic but I’m not much of a comic person tbh. Its great that they might address Jack’s stolen memories though 😀 Might be a good thing to explore in Big Finish Torchwood too 😀


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