Changes To Our Reviews

Hey there guys; Daniel here, with a quick little update with a change I’m going to have to our reviews in the future.
When I started Gallifrey Archive nearly a year ago, I had no idea that it was going to be so successful, noticed and revered amongst the Whovian community so I didn’t really give much thought to the layout of my reviews.
If you go back to the really, really early reviews; you’ll see a fairly similar layout, but dotted with images throughout which looked messy and unprofessional; since then, we’ve become more focussed on the text and by extension, the content that you are here to read.
One thing that has been a constant is the way that we score our reviews; up until now, it has been X/10. As of now though, as we’re reviewing so much content, I think that it’ll be better to make the review scores a percentage, meaning I can be more precise and give you a more in depth opinion of a story.

Now, I know that this isn’t major news, but you all deserve to be kept in the loop.



One thought on “Changes To Our Reviews

  1. For a bit I thought you would be changing to a system where you say whether you recommend it rather than scoring it, but a percentage makes good sense. You almost delved into percentage regions with a couple of X.5/10 scores, which would basically be X5%. I have looked at some of your earlier reviews, and I could tell that you were still in the process of perfecting them. I’m assuming that if the Gallifrey Archive Book is fully funded, you’ll end up putting percentages in there too. I look forward to seeing how your site will continue to evolve.


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