Reverse The Polarity- April

TimeAnother month gone, which means another edition of Reverse The Polarity; the monthly article in which I round up all that’s happened in the previous month. This time we’ll be looking at April, and boy what a month it was!

In the month of April we had over 3000 views, which is great, especially considering there’s not that much news to report on in regards to Doctor Who. The first part of the article is always my favourite, because it means I get to delve into the stats and see just how much of a broad audience GallifreyArchive manages to reach. In April we had readers from: Gibraltar, Taiwan, Angola, Aruba, Peru, Bulgaria, Guernsey, Turkey, South Africa, Jersey, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala, Poland, Norway, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, European Union, Singapore, Austria, Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Italy, Hong Kong, Israel, Egypt, South Korea, Indonesia, Greece, Serbia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Japan, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Brazil, Portugal, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom.
That’s a whopping 53 countries!

Of course the huge news of the month was that I’m writing a book! The GallifreyArchive Book will be a compendium of reviews and thoughts of the first fifty Big Finish Doctor Who Monthly Releases (From The Sirens of Time to Zagreus) and will feature contributions from a plethora of great people. The book has to be bought through Kickstarter here and we’re just over a third of the way to our target! I’d absolutely love it if you could give whatever you can to help make this book a reality.

Looking forward to the rest of May, we have the final two stories of Jago & Litefoot Series 11 kicking off our Big Finish Month; which should feature over 20 Big Finish reviews! We’ll also have the review of the upcoming book from friend of the site Jenny Colgan with her latest Doctor Who release In The Blood, and I’m sure there’ll be a few more surprises in store too; so make sure you keep coming back to GallifreyArchive!


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